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Chapter 10 Talk Back to Me for Her

  • "You are not even 4 years old, so what can you understand about humans and their evil nature?" Ethan's cold eyes swept lightly across the boy, a cold aura permeating his body.
  • If it were under normal circumstances, Benedict might have stopped talking back to Ethan.
  • But today, hearing Ethan speaking about Thea like that, Benedict inexplicably felt very uncomfortable in his heart. His heart sank as he immediately said in his childish voice, "Father, you can't think badly about that woman just based on a few words from an outsider."
  • Suddenly, the atmosphere became tense. An outsider?
  • Cordelia's movements paused. Did Benedict say I’m an outsider? Does he know that I’m already his future stepmother?
  • "What is that woman to you? Do you know her?" Ethan did not expect that Benedict would actually speak up for a woman he had never met before today, so he frowned even more unhappily.
  • Benedict shook his head. "She is the designer I chose to design my birthday villa."
  • "She’s just a mere designer. And you talk back to me for her?"
  • In the Jennings Manor, Ethan represented absolute authority, and no one was allowed to provoke him, including Benedict.
  • At this moment, Benedict bit his lower lip, but he glanced downstairs from the corner of his eyes to see that Thea and Rowan downstairs seemed to have stopped talking with Sebastian and intended to leave. Thus, he gracefully put down the cutlery in his hands, his dark pupils glinting with stubbornness.
  • "Sorry, Father, I shouldn't talk back to you. I'm full now, so can I go first?"
  • Ethan dangerously narrowed his eyes, his handsome face dark. After all, the steak had just been brought up, and on the beautiful heart-shaped steak, the little one had just made a tiny cut on it.
  • How could he be full?
  • "Benedict, are you trying to go on a hunger strike?" Ethan questioned in a cold voice. At this moment, the air seemed to be filled with oppression.
  • Downstairs, Rowan and Thea had already begun to move toward the door. Benedict clenched his fists as he met Ethan’s gaze without fear and replied, "No, I really am full."
  • As the father and son were in a stalemate, Cordelia smiled and tried to make peace. "Young Master Ethan, children have a small appetite and do not eat much. Benny—"
  • "Did I ask you to explain on his behalf?" Ethan coldly interrupted Cordelia, his handsome face dark. Hearing that, Cordelia reddened with embarrassment. However, Benedict watched as Rowan and Thea were about to disappear into the crowd...
  • "Father, it's my fault. Please don't blame Miss Cordelia. I won't disturb your date, so I'll leave first." With anxiety, Benedict slid down from the thick and soft sofa, then rushed to the door without turning around.
  • Stunned, Cordelia thought that even though she had been engaged to Ethan for many years and had watched Benedict grow up, she had never seen him dare to go up against Ethan like that in public or even leave Ethan hanging and just ran out!
  • "Benny, where are you going?"
  • Cordelia misunderstood that the little boy was going up against Ethan and quickly ordered the bodyguards, "What are you guys doing? Hurry up and get Young Master Benedict back!"
  • "Stop!" Ethan’s inky eyes swept over the bodyguards. "No one is allowed to go after him!"
  • Cordelia was so scared by the man's powerful aura that she trembled a little. "But he is still a small child, and if there’s any danger like human traffickers around..."
  • Although she did selfishly want the two of them to be alone together, Benedict was, after all, Ethan’s only son. If anything bad happened, their marriage would definitely be affected.
  • "Since he dares to run out alone, he should bear the consequences of that."
  • Ethan’s face hardened as he picked up his cutlery and continued, "Didn't you say that the steak here is good? The food is already served, so let's eat."
  • Thus, Cordelia dared not say anything more. The man was ruthless and demonic, yet elegant; he was a legendary figure in the Jennings Family and her fiancé too.
  • In fact, without Benedict hanging around, she was filled with even more anticipation about this date…