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Chapter 8 Interigation

  • Ynanna
  • I just walked out of my office at the Academy when my phone starts ringing, the caller-ID shows that it is Council-member Dayanah and I pick it up with a smile on my face, “I hope you have something more thrilling for me to do, questioning some idiotic Alpha becomes boring.” I say.
  • “Hello, Ynanna. We need you to question the Wolf I told you about this morning.” Dayanah doesn’t waste my time as she knows how much I hate it and I ask her where the Wolf is. “Dolion was taken to our prison St. Clairsville and we need everything.” She responds.
  • It will take me a few hours to get there, so I tell Dayanah I will contact her if I have anything to report before I disconnect the call and head towards my room to pack a bag. I know when Dayanah told me they needed to know everything she really meant everything.
  • This morning she had walked into my office and informed me there was a chance they would need my help in finding answer, but there was not much she could tell me. She told me everything Umayza had told them during a conference call the night before and that they had spent the night at a Safe-house.
  • On their way to the Council a Wolf had attacked the SUV belonging to Evander and Conri, they had alerted the Council when Umayza had said he wouldn’t stop until he had her. With her testimony during the conference call the only thing Dayanah knew for sure was that it wasn’t a sexual interest.
  • I asked her how they managed to capture Dolion and when she told me how they had tried to get her to safety I had smiled, Theron always comes up with the best plans. I didn’t like the fact that Umayza got injured during the attack on Armand’s SUV and I will get the answers I want.
  • Without any problems I make it to St. Clairsville prison and as I approach it I see the remains of the building that was once there, a building from a time when Humans still existed. There had also been a prison here back then, but the building got to badly damaged for the Council to use and instead of rebuilding it they build a new prison right next to it.
  • Yesenia is waiting for me in front of the prison, we have known each other for a long time know and the look on her face tells me I will be dealing with a real asshole. She walks me inside passed the Guards and walks me straight to her office, which tells me Dolion has said a few things she doesn’t like.
  • “Okay. Spill it, Yesenia.” I say the moment we sit down with our coffee and she smiles at me. “Umayza told Dayanah that Dolion has had two chosen Mates before, both of them not born in that Pack and both died by either his hands or his actions. I asked him about it and all he did was smile at me.” She sounds pissed off at the guy.
  • “Well, by the end of the day I will have all the answers. Did you put him in the Chamber?” I ask. She nods her head with a smile, because she knows I will get the answers we want and I will stop at nothing to get them. We talk for a while longer to give Dolion some tie to get uncomfortable.
  • Dolion has been in the Chamber for over an hour when I finally make my appearance and I can tell that he is already pissed off with me, “Good afternoon, Dolion.” I say as I sit down. “My name is Ynanna and I will be asking you a lot of questions today.
  • Why did you want Umayza as your chosen Mate?” I ask and I know he will not answer me the first time around. “I mean, she looks kind of pretty and all I have seen of her is a picture.” I state, not that it is true as I don’t have any idea as to what Umayza looks like.
  • “Did you ask your Alpha to put her in your group because her Father turned you down? Did her Father believe she deserved a High-ranking Wolf over you? Maybe he discussed this with Umayza and she demanded a High-ranking Wolf over you.” The more I say the angrier he becomes and I know it won’t be long before I will hear the truth.
  • However, I was not ready for what he had to tell me and I doubt Umayza or her Father knew about this. Once he is done talking I slowly get out of my seat and as I walk towards the door I ask him one final question, “What happens now that you have failed?”
  • He doesn’t answer me and he doesn’t have to as we both know what will happen once word gets out that he is in St. Clairsville prison. As I walk to Yesenia’s office I grab my phone and press the number for Council-member Dayanah.
  • I am already in Yesenia’s office when Dayanah answers my call and I ask her to send extra Security to the prison, “He works for some dangerous people and when they find out he is here they will try to take him out, hoping we don’t get the answers we want.” I state.
  • Dayanah orders me back to the Academy and Yesenia is already talking with the Head of her Security. After saying my goodbyes to Yesenia I head back to the Academy and I can’t wait to tell Umayza who and what she is. I just hope that she is awake and recovering by the time I get back.
  • After a decent night sleep and some breakfast I walk to the Council’s Chamber, I was informed during breakfast that Umayza was awake and that she and her Father would be present during my debriefing. Captain Armand and his Squad had left early this morning for a new assignment and I know they won’t be informed on what I found.
  • The Council never reveals information like that as the Squads already see enough of the horrors that happen in our world, they don’t need to hear even more and this one is even more horrific. I open the door to see a very pretty young female talking to Dayanah.
  • After being introduced to Gray and Umayza I ask Gray what he can tell us about his fated Mate and he tells us about how they met and how her family had reacted, but he couldn’t tell me why her family had been against their bond.
  • “Your fated Mate was a member of the Night Shade Pack, to be precise she was one of the Daughters of the Alpha and Luna. Night Shade Pack is known to sell their services to the highest bidder and their line of work is very shady as their Pack name already indicates.
  • In every generation, of the Alpha bloodline, there is one female that gets born with the gift of perception, the ability to see, hear and feel what happened in a certain area, as you can imagine that would be handy if you want to find out what someone might be hiding.
  • They want to keep every female in their own Pack as it is impossible to predict which female will give birth to the next gifted female and every Alpha and Luna have been mostly chosen Mates for centuries. On occasion a fated couple has been known to take the title of Alpha and Luna, but that hasn’t happened a lot.
  • I doubt your fated Mate had that gift, but she would be able to put the next gifted female into this world. Dolion told me the Luna of Bright Moon Pack realized quickly who Umayza’s Grandparents were and together with Dolion she came up with a plan.
  • He contacted your parents in law to inform them of your where abouts, but that he didn’t know if Umayza had the gift of perception and he asked them if he could take her as his chosen Mate. They knew his reputation and decided it would be a good idea if Umayza had a Mate that could force her to do their bidding.
  • The older Umayza got the more convinced your parents in law got that she had the gift, Umayza is their youngest Grandpup and none of their other Granddaughters posses the gift. It manifests around the age of eight and only becomes stronger after that with training.
  • This is why he was so adamant on taking you as his chosen Mate, it meant an increase in rank for him and your Grandparents get to continue their business. Once they find out he is in St. Clairsville prison they will come for him, hoping he didn’t tell anyone who or what you are.” Everyone in the room is quiet and I watch Umayza as all sorts of emotions run across her face.
  • Council-member Boaz is the first one to break the silence, “Ynanna, do you think the Alpha knew what his Luna did?” I shake my head and tell him that he had been unaware of the plans his Luna and Dolion had made in regard to Umayza, that they made sure he never found out any of it.
  • “His Luna had used the lack of High-ranking males in their Pack as a reason for her to put Umayza in Dolion’s group and she wanted to make sure their Son wouldn’t pick Umayza, because she knew her Son had an interest in her as well.” I explain.
  • Council-member Boaz tells Umayza that she will be staying at the Academy and that she will get a protection detail to make sure her Grandparents can’t get to her. Gray will start instructing a class of Assassins in a few days and Umayza will start her training in about two weeks.
  • Before she starts her training she will have to get to know her protection detail and they have to get to know her as they will spending a lot of time together. Once they know each other’s weaknesses and strengths, Umayza will be able to start her training.