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Chapter 45 The night mare

  • I put the DVD in and turned around. For a split second I saw a curious look in his eyes, but it was quickly replaced by usual cold look. I shrugged it off and went into the kitchen to get another can of cola. I returned to the living room with two cans of cola. I thought of Sebastian at the last minute. I gave the second can to Sebastian. He looked at me surprised, but took it without any words.
  • I pressed play and twirled myself back into a ball covered with a blanket. We watched the movie in silence. I only half-watched it. I kept thinking about Sebastian who was far away from me. 
  • This was probably the only thing we did together, Even though we didn’t talk or anything, we did it together. We were in the same house together. Soon enough the movie ended. I stood up and stretched myself. I could feel Sebastian's gaze on me again. I took the bowl and empty can’t and walked back to the kitchen. I threw the cans away and put the bowl in the sink. I turned the TV off in the living room and locked the front door. After that I went upstairs into my bathroom.
  • I brushed my teeth and washed my face before turning off the light in the bathroom and walking back to my room. I turned off all the lights and turned on my bedside lamp. I know Sebastian will already be sleeping in room by now. How I wish we could just sleeping together even if we are not talking to each other. Even if we are sleeping and our backs are facing each other. 
  • I scrambled in bed and turned to the side, turning off the light and drifted into sleep. 
  • The next day, I woke up early in the morning. I had a bad nightmare and now I couldn’t fall back asleep. I tried to fall back asleep, but the images of my nightmare kept appearing. So, I slowly slid out of bed, thinking about Sebastian. I thought about what happened last night. Sebastian really talked to me. That’s means he's probably going to change. I believe in what Selena and Mae said now. I will keep on showing him my true love till he confess his love to me. I grabbed a blanket from the couch in front of the window and headed for the door. 
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