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Chapter 7 First Kiss

  • After they finished breakfast, they began walking in the direction of their homes. Neither wanted to end their time together. Hayden didn't want to push her too fast, and Natalia didn't want to encourage him that she was open to more. He took her hand casually as they walked, and she felt her heart race. When they got to his building, they stopped.
  • "This is where I live. Do you want to come up for some coffee?" Hayden wasn't ready to let her go. He held her hand a little tighter, liking how it felt. He had never been the hand-holding romantic type, but with her, it felt natural.
  • "I should get home so I can do some work," Natalia said reluctantly. She had fun with him this morning but was hesitant to go into his apartment. She didn't think he would try anything, but she was scared to get any closer to him. What if she got hurt again?
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