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Chapter 3 Wedding Must Go On

  • In the Anderson family mansion the day before the wedding. The old man has called Daniel in the study to force him to attend the wedding. The old man was pacing back and forth with his walking stick and his right hand man could not do anything to make him sit still.
  • Then suddenly Daniel walked in and said "old man my time is too precious, I hope you stick to the point." The atmosphere in the study room was zero after he has said that, both men were stubborn people in nature. The old man has vowed today that he will make his grandson bow down to his decision as an elder.
  • "Old man that car crash was not an accident, instead of collecting enough evidence to arrest those responsible for that accident you decide to bring a new person to this dysfunctional family" said Daniel.
  • The old man was almost angered to death by Daniel's words, if it was not for the fact that he loved his grandson so much he would have beaten the hell out of him. Daniel was well aware of the soft spot the old man had for him which is why he spoke in such manner. He was bold enough because he knew his grandfather very well better than anyone.
  • "Daniel this marriage will help you a lot. I am old there are things you may not understand because you are young but you will thank me later. Tomorrow at 10:00 AM make sure you are in the chapel, you have never disappointed me do not start now" the old man said.
  • Daniel looked at the old man with a face full of anger, he wished that the earth could bury him.
  • The truth of the matter is that as much as he does not like what his grandpa has done, this old man has always been treating him like a treasure, but he has never liked that girl from the Richard family. He has seen her having sex with an old classmate in a club.
  • For her to have sex in a public place with no care in the world of who sees her, just shows that she is a girl who did not have good moral values. She was a girl well known to be as a social butterfly. He was not a man that wanted a girl that was known that as long as you have money, she will give you what you crave for.
  • The thought of that scene made him feel like vomiting. He did not understand why his grandfather would choose a girl that is well known for having multiple sex partners.
  • "Grandpa I know you mean well but I will not be able to marry Stacey, I have seen that girl in a club having sex with two men" said Daniel with a voice that one could tell that it was full of anger but he managed to suppress it.
  • "Oh my dearest grandson, I would never let you marry that kind of a girl" his grandpa said with a face full of smiles.
  • Daniel became confused, he was even more confused when he saw the happy smile from his grand father. "John take me back to my room, I need to rest tomorrow will be a very good day" the old man said.
  • John supported the old man and took him back to his room. When they got there, John wanted to say something but he did not know how to say it because he knew that the intense conversation the old man had with Daniel has made him tired.
  • The old man could see John's expression. John has followed him for over 20 years, he could tell that he wanted to say something. "Speak" the old man said.
  • "Master I still do not understand why you have so much confidence that the Richard family will not send Stacey. I do not want to imagine what would happen if they send that girl to this family" John said.
  • The old man looked at John and said "Oh John I definitely know that since that old man is admitted to the hospital that opportunistic son and daughter in law of his will never allow their precious daughter marry an impotent man. Those two will want their daughter get pregnant very soon so that they can have a lifetime insurance.
  • The reason why I spread rumors that my grandson is impotent, it is because I want them to give me the best. I have heard from them that the illegitimate daughter is doted by the old man. But I have known that man since we were young, that old man would never dote on someone that behaves like Stacey. It could only mean one thing, the girl they call illegitimate should be Michelle. That woman probably spread bad rumours about Michelle so that people can love her daughter more, little does she know that we all know she is a homewrecker. Even those that act like her friends always make sure their husbands are not left alone with her for fear of her snatching them".
  • John nodded indeed the master was right. That girl called Stacey was known in the whole city that if you were hungry and had nothing to eat, she will always be available whether old or young she did not look at that as long as you will offer her what she wanted at that time.
  • If the first son of the Anderson family marries such a girl no one in this city or country will ever respect him. He will lose his dignity in this country. They needed a girl who can be strong, behaves well and one that will help him raise his standards.
  • Daniel and Michelle's marriage will make them more stronger and they will not be shaken by anyone or anything.
  • John wondered though why the old man had so much confidence that there was no way they will make Stacey the bride.
  • This kind of confidence the old man usually has it when he has a second plan. The question remains what plan did the old man have that he did not know of?