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Chapter 3 The Unwanted Savior

  • "Shit! Miss, what the fuck are you doing? This is freaking cold water. You could get hypothermia." I could hear a man calling out for me.
  • But I was feeling so at peace as I let my self go, and walked further deeper sinking myself info the ocean. I started gulping on the water. I couldn't care less. My ears were ringing as I got deeper into the water, I opened my eyes only seeing the darkness. I was smiling into he deep dark sea water, then I could feel my chest burning as I couldn't take a breath. I was relaxing my self and taking in the burn.
  • But then I felt my body was being tugged onto the surface harshly. I choked and coughed couple of times. My body became limped as some one pulled me to the shallow water, until we finally reached the shore.
  • "Fucking hell girl! Are you trying to kill yourself? Don't ever do that to me again, it's too fucking cold for a swim."
  • He was the most handsome man I've ever seen. Maybe I was dead already and this was my reward? My angel?
  • He put my jacket on as I trembled when the wind made the cold air hit my body.
  • "Let me get you back to your cottage okay? That's where you're staying right?" He asked as he pointed to the Barnaby's cottage. I nodded my head as I couldn't form any sentences.
  • He took my stuff and then carried me to the cottage.
  • My teeth were clattering when I asked him. "Who are you?"
  • "What, no thank you? For saving your suicidal self into the freezing morning sea wave?" He looked angry, his handsome face scrunched as he looked at my bruises.
  • Oh yeah, he was stripping me naked as he ushered me under the hot shower. I was turning cold purple, my teeth won't stop clattering.
  • He sounded angry when he asked. "Who the fuck did this to you?" I was crying and sobbing, then he hugged my naked body in his wet clothed warmer body.
  • "Sshh... Look I'm sorry, let me start from the beginning okay? I'm Nathaniel Davis. I'm staying at the blue beach house next door. I was taking my morning run, when I saw you, in the middle of the ocean." He was stroking my hair.
  • "So what's your name, are you good now?" He asked.
  • "Marissa." I nodded my reply. As he kept on holding my body, slowly giving me his warmth.
  • "You're good Marissa. Now come let's get you dressed and get you more hot coffee."
  • "Marissa, I'm going to go and change, my place is just next door. I'll be back in ten minutes. Will you be okay?" He asked still looking worried at me.
  • I nodded, I was that close. I was that close to finding my peace. And he had to ruined it. I sighed as I slipped under my covers.
  • I needed to sleep. I needed to rest. I'm tired. Too fucking tired. Maybe tomorrow I'll be good.
  • It felt like minutes later I was shaken awake. "Marissa, would you wake up now? It lunch time already. You should eat something." The handsome man said to me.
  • I slowly sat up on the headboard. "Why are you still here?" My voice was raspy, from all the crying and sobbing.
  • "That I don't even know. I just don't like people trying to kill themselves. So much death in the world already I guess. Look, I'm not questioning you here. Not yet. Just eat okay? I'm making you soup. It's from a can, so it should be safe to eat, cause I honestly can't cook." What he said made my lips tugged in an upward motion.
  • "There, I'm glad my cooking ability made you smile. Look, why don't you eat. We can talk later." He told me as he stood up and abruptly left my bedroom.
  • I suddenly missed him, I felt alone all over again. He was a stranger. I was not his burden to take care of. Even my own family neglected and abused me. My tears starts to fall again, I was sipping my canned soup while wiping my tears away.
  • I can't do this. Damn him! I was almost there. I could almost see my mom.
  • "Shit! Marissa, you need to stop crying. I thought I made edible soup. Is it really that bad?" He questioned me.
  • I was smiling and crying at the same time now.
  • Damn it have I gone crazy already?
  • "Okay, I'm going out to get you something from the dinner. You don't have to finish the soup. Just please stop crying? I'm not really good at this bonding stuff." He took the bowl and put it on the bedside table.
  • I thought he was going to leave me again, but then he took me to his embrace and put my head on his chest. I rested there and take in his warmth and sighed. We stayed like that for another fifteen minutes in silence.
  • Then I finally opened the conversation and told my story in brief. "I runaway from my family, my dad just emailed me this morning and he broke my heart with his words. I never intended to end my life today. I was supposed to go to the book shop...." I instantly sat up, and blushed as I realised that I just had my first hug from a man.
  • "I was supposed to go to the bookshop... Archie was waiting for me... I'm starting work tomorrow..." I was wiping my tears away and started to get out of bed.
  • I couldn't let Archie down, he had been so nice to me.
  • He was looking confused now. ", why don't you go get change, we could get lunch on the way to the book shop? I don't think it's wise for me to leave you alone." He said awkwardly. I just nodded to him, I have never been in this kind of situation before.
  • Right...okay then...