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Chasing His Remarried Ex-wife

Chasing His Remarried Ex-wife

Ivy Powers

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1 Cheaters

  • It was the wedding day of the famous second daughter of the Forrest family, Jemima Forrest. But, there was no groom in sight.
  • The groom was supposed to be Lucas Penty–The old and lecherous man , who was willing to fund her father's declining company with a huge amount of money.
  • The truth is, Jemima Forrest had actually planned to run away from her real wedding. She was supposed to get married to the old and lecherous man that her father and stepmother had arranged for her.
  • However, she planned to run away from the venue with the hope of getting married to her one true love
  • …..
  • Jemima sat at the vanity with her slender, gorgeous figure dressed gracefully in a white wedding dress. With a light makeup that brought out the exquisiteness of her fair complexion, she looked as delicate as white lily flowers.
  • Yet, her entire body was wrinkled with anxiousness, and her dark eyes were covered with uneasiness. There were only fifteen minutes left before the ceremony began.
  • Jemima was frantically sliding her thin fingers across her phone screen, anxiously looking forward to a text message.
  • Jemima had a boyfriend before she was forced to marry this old man, Lucas Penty. And it was a terrible coincidence that they were already planning to give a name to their relationship, they were going to get married.
  • However, they had never made their relationship known to others before this time.
  • The night before, Jemima had actually texted Eric about her desire to leave Daeho City and eloped with him. She had stayed up all night waiting for him, but she didn't get any reply.
  • She concluded that he was busy. Right now, Jemima could no longer wait. Jemima rose from her seat and left the room that she was forced to wait in – She forced a trick.
  • Holding the hem of her gown, Jemima walked down the hallway. She hurried down a corridor and froze in her tracks when she walked past a room along the hallway.
  • Jemima could recognize the sound of her sister's voice, Shirley Forrest giggling through the peephole of the door. "I'm sure, my naive and innocent sister is still waiting for you to meet up with her at the church, Eric. I think you should call her up and flatter her a little. What are we going to do if she changes her mind about marrying Mr. Penty?"
  • "Do you think she has another choice now that things have gone way overboard?" Eric said as he held Shirly closer to himself and snugged his lips against her neck.
  • "Even if she tries to back out now, Mr. Penty is not such an easy catch that would allow her to get away so easily. Moreover, you know how vicious he could be. He'll order his guards to drag her down the altar"
  • Shirley snickered viciously and said, "On top of that, Jemmy is going to lose her mind the moment she finds out, you've been spending the entire time with me!"
  • At the sound of this, Jemima felt a loud violent buzz in her head. Then, she took an unstable step and almost fell.
  • She clenched her fists that held tightly to the hem of her gown and tried to hold back the lingering tears under her eyelid.
  • Her father, Francis Forrest became hyper when his company was declining – The company was on the verge of bankruptcy and needed a lot of money to save it. Because of this, he suffered a health issue and was sent to the hospital.
  • Her stepmother, Valeria Brown, turned around and forced Jemima to marry into the Penty family so she could reap the benefits.
  • She made it sound like the marriage was for the benefit of the Forrest family, but Jemima knew it was her way of getting her thrown out of the Forrest family and to a family worse than where she is! What she least expected was the reality that her boyfriend who said he loved her would turn around and betray her without blinking her eyes.
  • The snippets of Eric urging her to carry on with the wedding flooded her mind like the unwavering wind.
  • He claimed that he was going to marry once she succeeded in making Lucas Penty give up shares of his group and transfer them into her name.
  • But it was all a lie, it was all a cooked-up lie! All of her hopes were immediately shattered by this, she could barely hold herself together.
  • As the voices in the room grew intensely, Jemima clenched her fists, and her calm eyes grew colder.
  • For years, she tolerated her stepmother and stepsister's bullying for her father's sake.
  • She suffered all forms of injustice for the sake of her family. She was foolish and unsophisticated.
  • Now she would not allow them to make a fool out of her anymore. She would take back all that rightfully belongs to her.
  • The wedding ceremony will begin soon and she needed to make a run for it. With the hem of her long wedding gown in hand, Jemima looked around the place and nobody saw her.
  • She walked out of the house and headed to the back gate with the hopes of steering away from the mansion before they noticed a thing.
  • Jemima wouldn't allow herself to be taken advantage of by these people, she didn't let them reap the benefits of selling her off.
  • With an enthusiastic expression, Jemima pushed the gate open. Unexpectedly, there were no guards at the back gate.
  • They must be in the main house safeguarding the place. Gratefully, Jemima got out in time and flagged down a cab to the church.
  • She has always been a fan of churches – whenever she's sad about things, she always visits the church and after that, she feels better.
  • Knowing that there was no place for her to turn to other than the church, Jemima didn't care about her image and left hurriedly.
  • She was afraid that her stepmother would notice that she was gone and come after her. Because of this, she didn't dare waste any more time.