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Chapter 5 Dead Husband

  • Fruits! Fucking fruits!
  • It's like art class all over again. Wait...this is an art class.
  • It was an art class with tattooed handsome goodness standing in front.
  • Well, this I can live with.
  • I started to paint. Sketching my outlines slow then fast, strong strokes keeping my sketch composition proportional.
  • I could feel him behind me, saying nothing. His warmth hovers on top of me. I closed my eyes for a moment then sighed. He lowered himself, put his tattooed palm on my shoulder and his lips lingered beside my ear.
  • "Beautiful, nice strong strokes, powerful arch, keep it up, Nicolette." He left me abruptly, his deep voice made me sighed.
  • Deep breath woman! You can do this! Just paint the fucking fruits!
  • You can fuck the tattooed handsome goodness later on!
  • Wait what??
  • "Nicolette honey, would you please come with me," Laura called me out of my own thoughts.
  • I walked out of the room, following her to the empty common room. She looked tense, worried like something really bothered her mind.
  • Did she know about me kissing Brenton? Oh my, was it Collin, did he finally decide to see me? I paled right away, my eyes were searching every corner of the room for his features. My heart beats a thousand times faster, I started to grip my own hands. I could feel cold sweat trickled down my forehead.
  • Laura came to me and hugged me. "My child it's okay, he's not here." I shed my tears sobbing on her shoulder.
  • "I wanted to inform you, that the police called me a couple of minutes earlier. Said that your husband was involved in a car accident and he died, while the paramedics were trying to get him to the hospital." She calmed me down.
  • She seated me down. Kept on hugging me. Stroking my hair, kissing my temple. "Shhh... everything will be okay now, Nicolette. He's gone. You're strong. Everything will be okay."
  • I just sat there, not knowing how to react to the news. My tears kept on falling. I felt relieved, sad, and empty, mostly empty.
  • Who am I? now that he's gone. I'm no body's. What's my purpose in life now?
  • I started to get up and went to my room. Laura let me go, but I could feel her looking at me from the sofa.
  • I closed my room, heading for my bed as I laid my body in a cocoon, and rocked my self. I tried to remember the early days of our marriage, where we loved each other. He has gone now, I couldn't even keep him alive. My husband, whom I loved once. Maybe he would still be alive if he had not met me. I killed him, just as I killed our marriage.
  • I could feel strong arms, taking me to his embrace. I opened my eyes seeing his tattooed arms circling my body, holding me close to him. He didn't say anything, just kept on holding me to his chest, stroking my hair. Taking my head, cupping my face looking into my eyes, and kissed my temple. Then took my face to rest on the crook of his neck, while he was resting his jaw on my head, taking me in closer to his embrace.
  • I started feeling his warmth, as I moved my arm trailing to his body. Feeling the contour of his abs, to his chest, to his nipples, his pierced nipples. Which made me stopped and looked at him. He arched his eyebrow at me. Not saying anything, he placed his hand above mine. Nudging me to touch him from under his shirt, to his pierced nipple making him moaned my name.
  • "Nicolette, damn...we shouldn't be doing this. But it feels so good. More Nikki." He grunted, cupped my face with his other hand, and crushed his lips with mine, opening my mouth pushing his tongue in me, as we moaned simultaneously.
  • I've never felt this good, in my entire life with a man. He was so fucking good at this.
  • "We're not going to fuck Nicolette, not yet, not today. I'm just going to help you forget okay? Let me help you forget." He told me, as he hovered on top of me, pulling off his shirt, revealing all his tattooed goodness chest.
  • I whimpered under him, moaning as he trailed his kisses lower to my neck. Slithering his hand under my blouse, quickly unclasping my bra and stroking my nipple. "Beautiful, Nicolette just like the rest of you." He grabbed the end of my blouse and peeled it off of me, and started licking and sucking me. Making me arched my back, offering him more.
  • "So good, more Brent. Touch me please." That was all it took, as he grabbed both of my wrists, and put them roughly above my head.
  • "Shit Nikki, I need to do this gently. You need to stop telling me what to do." I could feel his needs, making me wanted him more.
  • He started nibbling on my neck, as his other hand was trailing to my sex. Causing me to moaned in anticipation. Until he dipped his finger in me, feeling my wetness. I could feel him smiling. "You're so wet for me Nicolette. I need you to relax for me, Nikki." Feeling overwhelmed, I immediately sit up.
  • "Shit! I'm so sorry Brenton, I can't do this. I don't think I can do this. I'm never good at this. Collin told me so." I wiped my tears away, blushing as I was seeing my naked chest, and tried to covered it up with my hands.
  • He looked mad at me, as he roughly took my hand to his groin, feeling his bulge. "This is how hard you make me Nicolette. You're beautiful to me, no matter what anybody says. You can do this. I will make you come, Nikki. We're not stopping until you come."
  • He kissed the traces of my tears and pushed me back down to the bed. He went down on me slowly now. Taking his time as he slipped his finger in me while licking and sucking my nipples. I moaned and chanted his name over and over again. Feeling like I was getting higher and higher but I was afraid to fall. "I can't Brent, please." But he would not listen to me, as he added another finger pushing in and out of me, stretching me.
  • "So tight Nicolette, don't think about it just look at me, relax and kiss me. Like that Nikki, move your hips, fuck my fingers." I kept on getting closer and closer, I never know I could even get this close until I was torn, as I bucked my hips wildly in his hand.
  • "Fuck! What happened to me? It's so good." I sighed coming down from my bliss.
  • "That was your very first orgasm, but definitely not your last. Nicolette." He told me as I relaxed in his arm. He kissed my forehead, and help me pulled my blouse back on, and covered my body with my blanket.
  • "Try to sleep now, Nikki. I will tell Laura, not to bother you for a couple of hours."