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Chapter 10 FIND HER

  • I stretch my tired muscles and drag my lazy ass out of bed. Where did Jerol go to this early morning? He didn't tell me he was going somewhere.
  • Shit! My ankles hurt like hell! Those stupid heels! And Jerol had to buy me all these five pairs. There is no way I am putting my feet in these torturous things ever again! Just when my hip had healed, now I have to limp again all because I was trying to impress some people. To hell with them! After all, what did I get in the end? I was judged for not having the freaking sir name. I was called unfit because no matter how much I had tried to cover the truth, I couldn't hide it. The truth came out in the end - the truth that I am not like the rich. I couldn't fit into their class, and I wish I had not tried.
  • I walk back from the bathroom and change from my pyjamas, and then I walk out, walking carefully down the stairs.
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