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CEO's Forced Love

CEO's Forced Love

Rosa Ward

Last update: 2024-06-28

Chapter 1 A Massive Transformation

  • “Jeanette, you did well in today's performance. Here's the extra tip from the guest and a bonus from the hotel,” the lobby manager said, giving a slight smile as he handed the money to Jeanette Gardner.
  • Generous patrons often left tips upon watching a performance in upscale venues. Jeanette was overjoyed, her beautiful eyes crinkling in delight. She bowed in gratitude to the lobby manager and said, “Thank you!”
  • She got the money and thanked the hotel lobby manager once again before leaving. As she walked, she noticed the surroundings becoming increasingly quiet, and there were room numbers marked on the doors.
  • “Oh, I got so engrossed in counting money that I didn't even realize I had taken the wrong path!”
  • However, she had earned some extra money today, so taking a wrong turn didn't really matter. She turned around, ready to retrace her steps back, when the room off to the side flung open.
  • A strong hand suddenly gripped her wrist, yanking her inside, and the door slammed shut in an instant.
  • “Ah! Who are you? What do you want?” Jeanette cried out in terror as she found herself in a room that was as dark as night.
  • She turned around, intending to make a dash for the door.
  • “Work with me. I won't let you down,” the man said in his husky voice.
  • The next moment, Jeanette was hoisted up by the man and tossed onto the bed. Right after, a strong and muscular silhouette leaned over her.
  • “No... Mm!” Jeanette was just about to call for help when the man silenced her with his lips that carried a refreshing minty scent. He gripped her wrists with one hand while lifting the hem of her dress with the other.
  • The man was filled with passion, his strong physique pinning her securely to the bed.
  • Jeanette was unable to retaliate.
  • As she continued to struggle, a sense of despair washed over her.
  • An hour later, Jeanette rushed out of the room, her clothes disheveled, and she was shaking uncontrollably. Tears flowed down her face, and her sobs could be heard echoing in the air.
  • How could this happen?
  • I actually experienced such a violation in a high-end hotel.
  • Jeanette hastily left the hotel. At that moment, the hotel seemed like a wild beast ready to devour her. All she wanted was to get away, to swiftly escape from this repulsive place.
  • Taylor, Taylor, Taylor...
  • She fervently wished that her fiancé, Taylor Wright, could be by her side.
  • Tears streamed down Jeanette's face as she dialed Taylor's number.
  • The call connected, but instead of hearing Taylor's voice, she was greeted by a series of sounds that could make anyone blush.
  • “Ah... Taylor, be gentle.”
  • Jeanette's breath hitched abruptly. That's Stefie's voice!
  • Taylor and Stefie are actually...
  • Jeanette was so devastated that she didn't even know how to end the call.
  • She could hear the soft moan of her stepsister, Stefie Gardner, from the other end, accompanied by the sound of skin hitting skin.
  • At that moment, she was devoid of any thoughts. All she yearned for was to escape from it all.
  • “Ugh!” Jeanette felt extremely nauseated, knowing that the man she loved the most was actually such a despicable person.
  • Three days later, at the Gardner residence, Craig Gardner's voice resonated through the living room. He was filled with rage as he threw the envelope he was holding at Jeanette's face.
  • “You! You! I can't believe I fathered such a shameless daughter!”
  • The envelope fell to the ground, scattering several photos on the floor. Each image depicted Jeanette, her appearance unkempt, as she exited a hotel.
  • He had initially found it odd, wondering why Jeanette had disappeared for three consecutive days without a trace, only to return home on the day of her engagement.
  • “No, that's not it! Dad, the truth isn't what you think!” Jeanette tried to clarify her situation.
  • “Jeanette, has the Gardner family ever neglected your needs? Have you been so desperate that you've resorted to prostitution? You've been hiding behind the guise of performing, but in reality, you've been selling your body. How could you disgrace our family like this? How do you think Stefie will be able to secure a good marriage in the future?” Wynona Child's voice was filled with disdain and anger. She was convinced that Jeanette had indeed sold herself.
  • “I'm talking to my dad. Who are you to butt in?” Jeanette's mind was filled with thoughts about Stefie and Taylor's affairs. She glared at Wynona and Stefie, who was sitting silently on the couch, her eyes burning red.
  • “Mdm. Child is your elder! Watch your tone when you speak!” Craig pointed angrily at Jeanette.
  • Stefie observed the unfolding drama, intrigued to discover if Jeanette would continue her engagement to Taylor, knowing that she had been intimate with him.
  • She thought it would be perfect if she could win over Taylor and at the same time drive Jeanette out of the Gardner family.
  • With a glint in her eyes, she said, “Dad, why don't you listen to Jeanette's explanation? Perhaps she had her own reasons.”
  • Jeanette clenched her fists, suppressing the urge to stride forward and slap Stefie.
  • “What reasons could she possibly have? She brought this on herself, yet she had to drag the Gardner family into her mess!” Wynona, sitting on the couch, rolled her eyes at Jeanette. “I really wonder how your mother raised you when you were young.”
  • Upon hearing Wynona mention her mother, Jeanette strode forward without hesitation and raised her hand, slapping Wynona's face.
  • “Ah! You little b*tch! You actually hit me...” Wynona cried out in shock and responded with a slap aimed at Jeanette's face as well. “I am your elder. How dare you hit me!”
  • Looking at the imprint of a slap on Wynona's face and then at Jeanette's stubborn expression, Craig felt an extreme sense of disappointment welling up within him.
  • When did she become what she is now?
  • “Jeanette! Apologize to Mdm. Child!”
  • “Why should I? Does she deserve it? She's a mistress!”
  • Hearing that, Craig delivered Jeanette a slap, and there was silence in the living room.
  • Jeanette was dazed. Upon regaining her senses, she sneered at the three of them. They are a family, indeed.
  • This home is no longer the one I used to know. I swear I will never return in my lifetime!
  • Jeanette rushed upstairs, packed her belongings, and picked up her passport. As she descended the stairs, only to see the three silent figures below, she pulled her suitcase without hesitation and walked out of the Gardner residence's front door.
  • “Jeanette! If you take another step, don't ever think about coming back in this lifetime!” Craig's roar echoed behind her.
  • Just a minute before boarding the plane, Jeanette sent a text message to Taylor that read: Let's call off the engagement. I wish you and Stefie a blissful marriage.
  • After sending the message, she switched her phone to airplane mode, boarded the plane, and left for a foreign land.