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Chapter 12 Hide and Seek!

  • Aravind's PoV 
  • After her long reply, she went on playing with Bruno and Tiger. I stopped Shalu from revealing that we are Yadu's parents. I did that because I wanted to know her real intentions. This girl looks innocent. If she is to come here often and be friends with Shalu, then it is better she doesn’t know that we are his parents. It's for her own good. 
  • She will be out of the media until she doesn’t meet up with him. If she takes a picture with him and starts coming here, this media will spoil her image! I don't want that to happen to this innocent girl.
  • When Shalu told us about Akshu, Yadu reacted like he didn’t like her. It's good if it stays that way. He won’t misbehave with girls who are not his type. But still I feel responsible for this girl. I really like her. What she said was true. We don't need to know anything about a person and still like them.
  • "Why did you stop me from telling the truth!?" Shalu asked me.
  • "It's not necessary, Shalu. If you want her to come here often, we should not reveal the truth."
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