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Chapter 3

  • Sydney POV
  • Even though I was a bit tired and I knew He should head to bed, I went out on the balcony anyhow, because when was I going to ever do this again?
  • I didn’t have the opportunity to always be in places like this.
  • The balcony had marble tile, and elegantly maintained potted plants dotted along the railing, interspersed with heavy wooden furniture. The city looked vast from here, and she stared at the view in awe. “This is beautiful .”
  • “Isn’t it?” He smiled out at the buildings, his brown hair ruffling in the night breeze. He moved to stand beside me, his presence warm. “I have to admit I asked for this room simply because of the balcony.”
  • “I don’t blame you. This place looks big enough for a party.”
  • “Kind of sad that it’s just me in the room .” His tone was melancholy, and her heart twinged again.
  • I lifted the tiny bottle of Patron back to my lips and drained the entire thing in one fell swoop, my head began to buzz.
  • He gazed out at the night sky for a moment before turning back to look at me.
  • “None of this was your fault.”
  • I was the one that made him drink so much because of the dare, now he couldn’t say anything without her feeling bad that she made him this way.
  • I knew he was being modest, but I still told him, and crossed my arms under my breasts, tucking them close to stay warm. My thin shirt wasn’t exactly made for evenings outside.
  • I had to change because I couldn’t be outside in my stripper cloth, it was part of my life that was shaded from the outside world and I was going to keep it that way.
  • My hair was blowing into my face, and I impatiently pushed it aside, thinking. What could I possibly say to him that wouldn’t sound stupid? Did I notice you all night? Yes but he didn't need to know that.
  • “It’s funny,” He said, stepping closer to me. His hair blew in the breeze and for a moment, he looked like a fallen angel in the shadows. “Tonight, when I saw you dancing, I almost called my assistant to tell him how happy I was that he got me the ticket to be there,” He said
  • He was still looking at me like he wanted to say more than this, I was intrigued to know what was going on in his mind but I didn’t want to rush him.
  • My brows drew together. Huh? “I think you’re very drunk” He didn’t want to say anything but I knew he had many things to say.
  • Maybe this was going to encourage him.
  • “I’m drunk,” he agreed. “Because I’d never say this otherwise. But you’re utterly, insanely sexy and I’ve been completely attracted to you since the moment I saw you, even when I know I shouldn’t be. And here I am, up on the balcony in the middle of the night after what has been a miserable experience, because you kept on asking me questions that I wasn't going to answer and I kept drinking, all I can think is that I’m not all that miserable, because I like watching you.”His fingers reached out and brushed a lock of hair off her forehead, tucked it gently behind her ear.
  • “And it makes me wish I was one of those guys that didn’t give a shit about anyone but themselves, because I’d ask you to stay the night with me.”
  • I didn’t know how to answer this but he looked really sincere as he was saying all of this to her one thing I had gotten to understand was that words spoken when drunk was all a lie.
  • My eyes widened.
  • His fingers traced the curve of my ear, sending shivers down my spine. He wasn’t moving away. His speech wasn’t slurred. He . . . couldn’t be that drunk, could he? To be propositioning? “W-what do you mean, stay the night with you?”
  • “It’s late and you’re gorgeous,” he said bluntly, cupping her cheek in his hand. “And I’m wondering if we should both live a little. Have an incredibly intense one-night stand and not think about it in the morning. What do you say?”
  • I didn’t know if this was the drink talking or him, he looked like he had a lot of one night stands but for me this was surprisingly new.
  • I stared up at his handsome face as I contemplated his words. His fingers were warm on my skin, his touch making my every nerve ending sit up and pay attention.
  • I wanted to say yes. It had been years since I had dated anyone.
  • The last man I had cared for wasn’t worth it, to the point that I hadn’t wanted to date again after him.
  • But tonight . . . wouldn’t it be nice to have a torrid fling with a man who wanted me for me, Scratch the itch for sex that desperately needed scratching?
  • Especially with this handsome browned haired man, who seemed to embody everything I liked in a man?
  • And maybe in a different world I would have allowed him to bend me over his piano and have his way with me. But unfortunately I wasn’t that kind of girl.