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Chapter 12 You

  • I lied. Two can’t play the bully. I don’t want to be the bully, I just want to be the ignored student. 
  • There’s no evidence of yesterday’s mishap on the clean floors of BH. I use my hand to shield my eyes from the sunlight seeping in through the long window opposite the stairwell. My phone vibrates in my pocket, I ignore it and push away from the window with a sigh. I have graced the front page of the blog long enough to know this is a notification from my class group chat. They can make as many memes of me as they want, I don’t give two shits. On second thoughts, I pull out the Samsung phone and erupt in giggles at the text boldly written on my screen with the multiple exclamation marks for dramatic effects.  
  • Maria is freaking out on what to wear. She freaks out on almost everything.
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