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Chapter 10

  • "Paranormal events are just edges of the infinite we 'happen' to encounter." - C. Douglas Dillon.
  • After school, Rita rushed to training. There was going to be an inter-school match soon, which was a great opportunity to show off, so the cheerleading squad had a special dance routine prepared. Rita was to perform her double somersault by jumping off the shoulders of the four girls forming a complex figure. It wasn't the safest exercise, but it didn't put her off, but rather made Rita very exited. During training, she slowly climbed to the very top of a kind of pyramid created by her teammates. Rita took a deep breath, tensing the right muscles. Suddenly, the hand of the girl supporting her twitched a little, but it was enough to make Rita lose her balance and she leaned back dangerously, but did not fall down as it should happen, but hung in the air for a short moment. She felt clearly someone's strong hands grabbing her and then setting back on her friends' shoulders. Terrified, Rita jumped to the gym's floor.
  • - What's going on there, Spencer?- asked team captain, Melanie, the brunette who had sat on the jury before with a bored expression on her face.
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