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Chapter 89 Love at first Sight

  • ( Jeff's POV )
  • “If you would just have known me before, I am not as pretty as this… I used to be a rascal girl and I belong to Los Bastardos. Charrr.” In the eye of every guest, she is the sweetest bride they have ever seen. Okey Juan Carlos I eat my own word awhile ago. “After all, I am just indeed so grateful having the chance to know Jeff. Well, he seems like even more girly than me, right?”
  • Here she goes again… The guest laughed at me once me. Goodness! I think I just want to bury myself on the ground right now because of the embarrassment this girl is trying to give me. I thought… Whatever, because… I can see the elder from afar smiling too. Well, never mind the embarrassment Missamy. It is a good story to tell then.
  • I remember the very first day I meet this woman… A day that somehow there is a change in my life. Way back then, I remember that being ‘Emo” is really heap. That time, eyeliner has been widely used by people when they have eyebags. Well I guess I can’t blame them because Transylvania is such popular then, and the toy! Ohhh. It just heaped the worldwide market. She’s that woman, A simple yet have a natural beauty back then. Trying hard to be a skater girl. She was at her teenage years that time.
  • “I got to know Jeff when I was on my way home. I was really happy and excited to try the skateboard my parents have given me. When… I accidentally bumped into this guy.”
  • Your talking our real story, Missamy. I sighed thinking about that. That day has really changed my life. It changed my life forever.  Are you just that lucky Missamy? Why did you just show up now? I’ve been looking for you for so long, but there’s nothing to regret about…. I have Ivy. She now completes me and I have nothing to worry about.
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