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Chapter 198 I wonder what kind of creature he was?!

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • As I step out of the car, the commotion of these people… create tension to my ear that will going to burst sooner. They are loud, that I can’t understand what they are screaming. Jeff’s men create a barricade and Jay support me.
  • Until, the scream and wailing become more intense. I even wave my hand for them. I don’t know that I am already popular like this! Thank you for your undying support people!
  • But… When I take a look back... I saw Jeff. Don't be that assuming Missamy Charm. Why does this bastard even bother to go out? I thought it would be Jay who's going to escort me here?
  • Is he insane? He wants to kill himself. What if someone shot him? Oh… hahaha. Yeah sometimes my mind thinks brutally. Jeff, this is not my fault if ever there is something wrong might happened.
  • Jeff walk toward to me. Our gazed locked to each other. What he is planning? Eh? Did I forget something? When he pulled my hand, and just like we are dancing sway. He catches me when I was about to fall but suddenly... Jeff’s move is not acceptable!
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