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Chapter 196 I badly miss him already

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • The car was already parked outside. Jay open the door for me, I am about to step out when Jeff pulled my hand back to him. My face dumped into his chest.  I lift my gaze to him… we stare each other eyes.
  • "Wha- What's your problem Jeff?!" But he pushes me away from him.
  • "Your weak." Then he wiped and fixed his clothes in a very vain way. As if I have a virus and bacteria. Excuse me Jeff, you are the negative people I want to distance myself. Let's just do a wrestling then Jeff! I hate you so much! Let's see who's going to last between us!
  • Staring him that I want a fight. Jeff smirked at me. Then pinched my cheeks. Hey?! What’s that for?!
  • "Why do you ever pull me? What is that for? That… pinching my cheeks!" I complained. But he snaps his finger at the front of my face. Smile in annoyance.
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