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Chapter 193 He did promise me.

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • When I wake up to my reminiscing when Jeff fling his phone in annoyance.  Definitely Jeff was rich and it was fine to do it. But… if he intended to throw it, why not give it to me instead?
  • I gave him an annoyed look. I am not asking a fight from him. He almost hit me!
  • "Hey boss!” with my hand slapping his shoulder. “You’re not alone here!” Then punch his shoulder, two times.  “From the way you act you seem to be alone here!” but my arm was halted again. Jeff stare at me like he is about to devour me. But release my arm with deep breath. Leaned to his seat and close his eyes.
  • Yet, to my eagerness to point out his bad attitude. I punched his shoulder again. “Your mean as always!”  I told him in a very boastful way. I am about to holler a punch to him when… he opens his eyes. He is not playing to me anymore. Oh? When did he joke me?
  • I take back my hand. Smile with him and instantly my diplomatic left hand shows my peace sign to him. I don’t want a fight Jeff. Hehehe. A single hit of your hand will make me unconscious for sure. I am afraid that I might be the next to be thrown away after his phone.
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