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Chapter 188 Thank you, Jeff.

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • “I didn’t ask them, you do.” You! Argh! What do I expect in this man! Tsk!  
  • “I mean Jeff…” I stopped and I face the kid. I want to make Jeff guilty. Ahaha. You have a soft heart Jeff. I know that.   “You know what babies; your Aunt Charm is poor. Yes, I am just really poor. So, can I give you Jollibee kiddy meal? So, I could still be able to purchase toys for you? But the question is how? I really don’t even have a single penny.” Then I looked at Jeff and he smirked at me.
  • “My dear poor Missamy, are you trying to mean something from what you’re trying to say? Looking at my direction only means the message of yours is for me.” Exactly Jeff! Trying to wake your soft heart.
  • “Are you deaf Jeff not to hear it?” He sighs. Then signal Jay who entered the dining, that I didn’t even notice. Jay hand something to Jeff. Jay smile at me then there is the wink. Did he likes me? Oh, don’t bother on liking me Jay. It just a waste and I don’t want to hurt anyone feeling.
  • Assuming are we Missamy?
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