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Chapter 181 Shame of you Jeff!

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • “But I need you?!”  mimicking Jeff’s word a while ago. “Wow Jeff! Can you repeat the words again? Did you hear yourself?  You need me? How wonderful I am. Yeah, I am wonderful, I completely know that. But imagine your girlfriend hear that, she would probably get jealous to me. You need me Jeff. Hahaha.” then give him a playful force laugh, just to intimate him.  “Well, it’s up to you. You will put your relationship and my life in danger as well.” but his respond was a grin.
  • “And since this is Missamy Charm, I don’t want to put myself in danger because of you!  So, just leave me alone!” getting up and the cushion pillow automatically thrown to him. There’s a lot of pillow here.
  • I lied on my bed again. Remembering when Juan Carlos was mad at me. Giving me an unstoppable word of wisdom, while I rolled in my bed. I was used with someone looking at me that way, like I was still trying to insult him. I really sorry my beloved brother, this is just how your Missamy Charm appreciate your words, trying to digest everything what you say.
  • When Jeff slap the pillow in my head. It won’t hurt me, but he is definably mean guy! “Get up! Face me.” he barked. But I ignore him. Trying to sleep like a dead. “Don’t be childish Missamy!”
  • That shout will definitely make me gets up. We stare to each other again. The king demon sit dominantly. Never budge to what I have embarrassment said to him.
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