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Chapter 165 All of your things are trash

  • (((MISSAMY POV's)))
  • Jeff? What is he doing here? I can't really fall asleep. I already go back to this room because Jay has arrived already. Jeff want to steal my precious energy drink. Then I fight to get it back to him. I need to taste it first before he throws it. I don’t believe in his references. But it was true…
  • I feel dizzy. Why I drink those? Bitter and arghhh… I drink a lot of water just to replenish the disgusting taste. It was a sex simulant. Why did I drink those? I kicked Jeff out of my room, because I don’t like what he is talking.
  • Since I can't do anything. I get my phone and turn it on. I turned on the mobile data. Wow! I was overwhelmed with my phone that keeps on beeping because of too many notifications and it hanged. Shocks!
  • "Oh no!" So, I tapped it. Tapped! Tapped! I heard a minimal sound...whaaaat?!  Don't tell me my phone is broken! Oh no! My goodness! I really don't have money to buy a new one! And that pervert snobber guy is so thrifty! It already smelled like something is burning. I pulled my hair and...
  • "Brother Carlosssssssssssssssss!" I scream like I am going to die sooner. wishing my brother could hear it from here to France!
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