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Chapter 162 Should I write it here?

  • (Missamy POV's )
  • I was awakened by my thought that Icy might hurt by me. I am a type of chopper woman when sleeping. So, I get up to return in my own room. Is Jay not yet here?
  • I stretched my arms. Yawn.  All the lights were turned off. I am about to leave the room, when I stare at the corner of the room. There Seven, was still playing. Very wrong my baby boy. It is bad to your health.
  • "Seven, do you want me to confiscate your phone?”  I am also mean sometimes. I approached him but he just turned his back at me. So, I can't think of other ways but to get his phone forcefully. But he is about to make a scream when I halt him.
  • "Sssshhhhh! Icy is already sleeping.” I warned him and bring his phone back.  "Once I see you playing with your phone again, I will really confiscate it.  Time for bed. You should sleep now."
  • Then laid beside him.
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