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Chapter 159 You have Ivy.

  • (Missamy POV's )
  • I haven't noticed that Jeff was looking at me because of what I've said a while ago. I guess he couldn't really believe it.
  • "Jeff...sorry." the only words I know that will make his heart feel at ease.  I understand that he is only concern.  Then I heard his soft exhalation. Once again, he looked at the radiant moon in the sky.
  • There... we're already settled and fine. No more shouts. Fights and whatsoever. We are now friends again. Hahaha. Friends? Or my Boss?  
  • Another thing that I come to realize is that, if you fixed and faced your mistakes, there you'll find the true person who's going to accept you wholeheartedly for who you are. That they can fully accept the fault you've done as long as you also know how to admit it to yourself. If you've done that, they will keep staying by your side and will still respect you and will never lose their trust on you. You never ruined anything because you fixed it, because if you don't ever bother to do that, at the end of the day, many people won't believe in you. Your friends will run away from you. So, all you have to do is to be true and learn how to accept the mistakes we've done and be committed.
  • Suddenly, my stomach is grumbling again. I'm not yet having my dinner. Jeff face me, we stare together. He heard it. I smile a bit.
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