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Chapter 143 Did you escape to your husband?

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • And to what she said, I turn to the table calendar.  My brother of mine really knows about my menstruation days. Well, he got the reason because remember way back then, my brother thought I was already stab somewhere because of the blood stain he saw on the sofa. And he hurriedly ran towards my bedroom.
  • “Charm?!” grabbing the blanket from me.  Ugh! I am really suffering from dysmenorrhea that day and that hurts so bad. My brother doesn’t even know what to do, seeing blood stains all over my bed. Hahaha. That brother of mine, such ignorant. Me too, somehow.  We both really don’t have any idea about that day that I am already a girl having a visitor every month. We called it, Bloody Marry.
  • “Where that blood come from! Oh, Charm don’t prank me like this!” Yeah, my belly is hurt but I want to burst in laughter. How I wish my Mom was here to explain my brother what is really happening.
  • And you know what? I can’t help myself from laughing seeing my brother panicked and brought me to the hospital.  And hahaha. The nurse only laughed at us.
  • Reason why my brother bought me a book about the PMS. I don’t read it; he is the one who read that female things as if he is the one who’s going to have a menstruation sooner. He told me to know my duration and to count the days in the calendar if I am still having a normal menstruation.
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