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Chapter 139 Regards me to your wife Jeff.

  • (Jeff POV's )
  • “No need for sex stimulation drink?”  Eh? My one eyebrow raise up a bit.   “Oh! That thing, I actually bring it. Did you forget what you have said to us during our breakfast? That’s what you need. Dad want me to deliver it since I want to see my cutie niece and nephew. He told me you need to drink it, every time you are planning to… You know. It would be a great help for you to immediately have another kid after the twins. The more the merrier. HAHAHA.”
  • “No need.” I massage my neck. Me? What the heck? Missamy is not my real wife?! What bring to me to tell that things to them? Ah! To show how badly I want Missamy in my bed.
  • “No brother, the elder wants a new baby. This time we want to witness how the baby. Hahaha.” He’s devilry laughing at me. Did he already notice?
  • “Why don’t you make yours too?”
  • “Oh! Stop that nasty thing bro! I’m so busy and I don’t want it yet. I often heard from others, that girls cause headache. I am not yet ready to dwell with it. I am not prepared to handle it, since I easily get depressed seeing someone sad.”
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