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Chapter 137 How Missamy? How?

  • (Missamy POV’s)
  • Now I came to found out this is what Jeff is really trying to say to me. People will surely notice me in the public.  Another thing is that they might think Jeff is such a careless husband. Letting his wife to roam around without him? Haist. Missamy Charm you are making such a fuss again.
  • Remember Missamy Charm you are already considered Mrs. Maria Missamy Charm Jane Lee Chan!
  • Goshhh! I already got such a long name.
  • Thinking about adding Maria on my name is just giving me headache. I just don’t really get the reason why they have the guts to add Maria to my name. Sounds like an oldie. Hehehe. I am sorry Mom and Dad, don’t curse me. I love my name! Even I have to write it in the paper in almost one minute. Hehe. Love you Mom and Dad.
  • Maybe three people have decided to name me, and this is the reason why I also got three names, which is indeed really true. Talking about the history of my name, let’s start with Maria. Yes, Maria in my name was given by my brother. You read it right. My brother Juan Carlos suggested this name when he was just seven years old. On that very day when he saw, the day when I was born, he decided to name me Maria. My brother meant to be my future guardian. He has to be responsible, since he gave this name to me.  
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