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Chapter 135 A typical yet blessed girl out there.

  • (((MIssamy POV’s)))
  • Great! Jeff easily gets annoyed with me. Hahaha. We are just been together for todays? I am really curious what would happened for the remaining days? Ahahaha. Annoyed him more Missamy. His karma is you. AHAHAHA!  If our wedding happens to be true, I am hundred percent sure we will easily get divorced.
  • I followed Butler Nang.  I can see that his hair turns to gray easily. No wonder he has a very stressful job and a very hard to deal with boss. I’m so sorry. And look at my dearest personal assistant Chin. We saw her gossiping to the other maids.
  • “Don’t you know that what you’re currently doing is strictly prohibited in here!” Butler Nang shouted at them. Oh no! Including Butler Nang, I guess Jeff’s bad temper easily accumulates in this house.
  • “Chin.” She called my personal assistant.
  • “Orient her well, or you’ll be fired today.” Like seriously? You will fire her just because of that? They are just treating all of the people here brutally.  Haist Chin. That’s a warning you have to do your job well.
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