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Chapter 127 I missed a great opportunity in my life.

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • “By the way, where is your brother Missamy?” 
  • Wait , I guess Is should be the one asking that since I got locked inside Jeff’s room, and another thing is I couldn’t even see him in the reception last night because I stayed all this time right beside your son. So? Why are you asking me?
  • “He has a flight early this morning. He is going to manage the branches of my company, located in France.” I can’t even say a word and I looked at Jeff. He stared at me as well and his eyes are like telling me not to show them that I have no idea about it.
  • Wow Jeff, when I asked you, not even once, twice or thrice you didn’t answer me back!
  • Does it really require for your father to ask this question to you?  Excuse me you pervert guy! As you wouldn’t have known, but I know you are fully aware. I am Juan Carlos sister. Of all the people in this world, the first person who has to be concerned about him is me.
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