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Chapter 124 Why are you doing this to me! I hate you!

  • ((( MISSAMY POV’s )))
  • Jeff is really getting on my nerves again! I really want to kill a swine right now! No! Not a pig! I wanted a person! I wanted to kill you now Jeff! What do you think of yourself huh?
  • I am mad. I am angry now Jeff! Feeling hot like a bull with smoke coming out from my nose!  You even kissed my virgin cheeks. How dare you!  You don’t even hesitate to kiss me without my consent. Just wow! You will see the revenge of a Virgin lady who is really eager to protect herself form perverts like you. You are shameless! Bully!
  • I pout and secretly have a plan to murder this man beside me. They are all busy eating already when Jeff, he was about to feed me.
  • Huh? Seriously Jeff? How sweet! Is this a peace offering?
  • If I eat this, for sure there will be ants attacking us because of our sweetness. Still I don’t have a choice I have to eat it. But why I do trust Jeff?! He feed me a food which make my cheeks even redder and about to scream, but I need to control it! IT IS SO SPICY!
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