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Chapter 122 He is wealthier than you Jeff

  • (Missamy POV's)
  • Jeff and the Elder have a little talk while we are waiting for something. And don’t asked me what something it is. Until our attention was directed to Icy when she stumbled.  She … is going to cry! I about to stand up when Jeff immediately get up, as soon Icy stumbled. He gave a deadly look at Shin.
  • Tsk! This guy acts so concerned, good actor Jeff. He act as if he is the real father of Icy. Then Jeff carried her already.
  • “I’m sorry bro! I’m just…”
  • “Icy, listen you’re a lady now, you have to act accordingly.” Jeff told Icy. But hmm… I can’t really feel a concerned Daddy to his daughter. Alright! I guess I have to act as well.
  • “My poor baby…” I also tried getting her. And ughhh, Jeff stared me…  “Give me my baby. Come to mommy baby.” So, Jeff doesn’t have a choice but to give her to me. But… Oh my gosh. I understand why Jeff looked me at that way. Icy is literally heavy. I was about to give up but no Missamy. Your knees can still manage to carry her. You are strong and tough woman, right? Remember? You always carry two pails of water when the water in the faucet isn’t working. Okay! Fighting!
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