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Chapter 114 I am the boss here

  • (Jeff POV's )
  • And as I go out, I saw Icy having tantrums on the hallway.
  • “Hey!” I can’t help myself but to shout and get her attention.  These people are making me crazy and they are giving me too much headache in this early of the morning. You people where did you all come from?
  • But Icy respond me a loud scream and cried helplessly. For goodness sake! My eardrums will be damaged because of their noises.
  • “Where is Jay?!” I asked the nanny who is trying to tend the kid.
  • “Master Jeff, I just get something for her.” and there he goes. He is coming in my back. He seems to be in a hurry finding something that’s make her breathing heavy.  “Master Jeff, I’m really sorry about this matter. I just need to go out because her favourite doll fell out of the window. I have to get it.” I see. Why he can’t ask my men to do that?
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