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Chapter 111 Could I just kill this woman now?

  • ((( JEFF POV’s )))
  • When I get out after washing my face, there you go the crazy woman, she is awake already. I about to bring up my allegation to what she has done to me when I stop and lean at the wall. Seeing her, innocently praying. Are you a future saint Missamy? Should I build your own monument?
  • Carlos, I guess your sister has a plan to be a nun, since she values her virginity a lot right? Tsk! Good. It is great so you wouldn’t even fall in love with me. Just embrace your virginity Missamy. You will be the one who regret not to taste the goodness of me. No woman can ignore and decline me. I am the one who decline them. If you Missamy, I did it to you. Not bad Jeff. 
  • Just don’t mind her. I was about to go to the walk-in closet, when she easily get my attention… by shouting…  
  • “I love you Papa Goddddddddddddddd! Amen!” then I was dumbfounded staring at her direction. She is unbelievable. A very loud and scandalous woman has been entered my world.  Oh, I get myself a crazy stuff. I can’t believe, I am going to deal this woman for five months. I think I’ll get insane by this!
  • When she suddenly faced me. Automatically greeted by her damn sweet smile. She’s happy.
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