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Chapter 109 Unconsciously Seducer

  • (Jeff POV's )
  • It’s already another day. I woke up at 6 in the morning. It’s already my body clock rhythm and I’m used to it.  I am trying to remember what my dream was, but I can’t. Maybe I only have a very short time to sleep.
  • Then I face myself where the woman is… she’s hugging the sofa bed. Her limbs was in my John Thomas. Another day for her craziness… and I woke up like this? Damn it.
  • I suddenly feel hotness because of this. My shaft waken already because of her skin rubbing on it. Oh shit!  I shoved her limbs out of my body. Then finally sit up on the sofa. Crossing my arms… and the woman, having her deep sleep. Should I kick her?
  • She looked like being rape. Her clothes was pushed upward… and I close my eyes because I can see her navel. Then peek once again, I can see quarter of her bosom. STOP JEFF!
  • Then her milky skin tone leg was exposed to my sight already. They are widely opened. Stop Jeff, wake up. I even slap my cheek for me to stop.  Slowly I get up and picked the blanket once again, I have to cover that damn temptation. I am still a man that anytime can feel a damn arousal! Fuck!
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