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Chapter 107 I hate you!

  • (Jeff POV's)
  • I am about to close my eyes when someone beside me get up, and… My face meets the floor. Ouch! She just pushed me out of the bed!  Goddammit Missamy! I am already pissed off!
  • “What kind of a cunt you are Missamy! Fuck!”
  • “Excuse me Jeff?! You don’t even have the right to lie beside me! Even my brother don’t share a same bed! Who do you think you are doing this thing! This is not a real wedding! I am not your legal wife! You!” Pointing her finger toward to me. She’s mad. Her madness is more than worst than mine? How come?
  • If she really protested about our situation, she must be thankful that I am being generous to share the bed. But in this case… I am sorry, I am not also used to sleep with someone else! So sorry! You really have to sleep on the coach instead Missamy!
  • “I hate you!” the only cursed she can respond back to me.  I get up and annoyingly looked at her. Then I find myself smiling at her. What is the used of that words, hating me is not bad at all.  I don’t care.
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