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Chapter 104 Sleep well.

  • ( Missamy's POV )
  • Yeah…that’s right Missamy, you also have to think about your brother’s sake. He has his own life too… You also have to give him time okay? Take your time bro, while your pretty baby sister is not with you and be a headache because of being naughty again. Hihihi. Fighting bro Carlos!
  • I can’t fall asleep. My sleepiness has worn-out already.  What time it is?
  • I give a stare at Jeff again. He’s seriously doing some stuff on his mac book. He is too wealthy already worrying might bankrupt soon. Can he answer me if I asked him, what time it is? No. He won’t. You already know him for a short period of time Missamy.
  • I can really say that he is deeply and madly in love to his girlfriend. Because he avoiding me… Hahaha. Do I really have an intention to make him fall for me. Sucks! No way. I am content to a man who can provide a little wealth but his love for me is abundant.
  • People say, when you talk about a person whom they love, you will get their attention and they will be into the conversation. Should I try this man? I need a person to talk with, in order my sleepiness return.
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