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Chapter 103 Thank You Jeff

  • ((( MISSAMY POV’s )))
  • Enough Missamy. Remember Jeff is an impatience man.  And because Jeff doesn’t even care, I can’t do anything but stare his back. Until I find myself lying once again in the bed. Looking at the ceiling, I know my brother trusted Jeff, so do I. Reason why I am a bit comfortable here. But… this is also my last warning Jeff, if you try again to disturb my sleep, you’re dead to me. Prepared to get ready your coffin. Ahahaha.
  • I am about to close my eyes when… something hit my arms. My eyes widened. Phone’s Jeff het me… so it’s means… I can call my brother! But he is still rude. Throwing his stuff like this? But…
  • “Thank you, Jeff!” happy as I get up. It is already in dialed pad interface. My brother number was register to his phone as “Secretary Carlos.” Somehow Jeff respect him. Standing at the window, shoving the thick curtain, my eyes was greeted a beautiful night seascape.  But I bite my finger nail because I try several time to call my brother, but the customer service repeatedly answering me… The contact cannot be reached.  The beep tone already echoing in my mind, that I am hopeless to contact my brother.
  • I stared unintentionally to Jeff who is busily with his pad. I sigh.
  • Pouting my lips… I want to ask something to Jeff, but I remain zip my lips. I gave up after trying to dial for many times. Carlos never turn off his phone, because he told me in case there is something wrong happen… “Don’t hesitate to call me.” He is one call away, always.
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