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Chapter 102 Worrying? As if I am going to devour you?

  • ((( JEFF POV’s )))
  • Knowing she already annoyed, I secretly celebrate. That what you got Missamy. She looks cute getting annoyed. A mad Missamy, especially when she shouted. Cute.
  • I inhale, realizing that I am caught myself having a good time with this act. Now, it’s seems I’ve having a real long patience with this girl, Missamy. She turns her back to me. Accepting she is defeated. But I close my eyes seeing the papers are just stack without re-organizing it. Very well Missamy.
  • She is about to sleep again when I heard her asking me. With my annoyance I respond to her. Until I drop completely the paper, pull the chair and I sit down.
  • “The agreement Missamy, think of it every time you make a decision. As much as possible you could not return to your sweet home, in five months. Pin that in your mind. You are fully aware that even me, myself, avoiding any circumstance that might get us into trouble right?”
  • “Jeff…”
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