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Chapter 2 Jade Louise Gomez

  • She closes her beautiful eyes and a soft moan escapes as I now do the “Butterfly Kiss” with her neck, her body slowly taking in the heat of the moment, she whispers to me that it’s better we even went inside the house.
  • Opening the door, and turning on the light in the living room, I stepped aside and held the door so she could enter. Closing the door behind us, I told her to go ahead and look around as if this house was hers. "Do you want a tour or would you rather venture on your own?"
  • “I want to venture on my own if you don’t care, you know curiosity,” and gave me a wink as she investigated.
  • While she was on her adventure, I picked up the remote and turned on the large studio theater component system, played sweet music and the whole house had speakers in every room, making the evening more enjoyable.
  • She appears again wearing a white silk dress, nothing sexier than a beautiful woman wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a smile.
  • "Oh la la! Wow" was the amazing thing I told her.
  • As she walks over to where I am and takes the drink from my hand. She proceeded to take the tip of her tongue and round the edges of the wine glass. Again I start to gasp and I have to loosen my tie. She gently stroked my hands, said in a sexy and seductive voice, and pointed a finger at me saying, "no, no, let me get rid of it."
  • I wonder now who attracted whom?
  • Then she slowly took off my shirt and kissed my chest where the buttons of my lust were. When she reaches for the last button of my shirt, she takes the time of teasing opening it as her lip pulls my chest to the top of my pants. She slowly removed the shirt I was wearing, then she took my hand and carried me to the oversized couch pushing me down so that I was on my back. Whereupon he quickly besieged me and began to place her fingers in my hair. Teasing me with his delicious lips, teasing me while acting like she would hug me, to move her lips at the last moment.
  • Whenever I try to touch her lips with my tongue, she lets me lick against her lips just to tease me over and over again. A pleasant passionate kiss from my butterfly kiss on her soft lips. She makes this sound like a cat, and how she opens me up to what she’s doing to me. But I won’t give up because I’m the teaser, and there are many ways to attract a beautiful woman.
  • Placing my arms around her waist and then climbing up to her shoulders I try to kiss the lips of lust, the lips of no passion hiding from me.
  • She sat down and shook her finger at me again, placing a finger on my forehead, gently, lightly touching my cheek running it over the outline of my face then back to my lips. Winding my lips with her single finger, she translated it to my lip then I quickly sucked her finger like a virus spreading to an insect. Without hesitation, she did not resist, as I sucked more on her finger. I could see the sensation in her eyes before she closed them. She enjoys what I do with her finger. I take her hand, and playfully with my tongue and hands, I begin to lightly touch the nerve endings in her hand sending a shiver down her arm until I feel a slight weakness in her posture.
  • Now surprisingly I rolled so fast, and I was down sitting on the floor on my knees. She has a sexually sensual look, and her deceptive smile can turn on… whew!
  • Now the chance, he giggled lying there and thinking just what I had. I tell her to lie down and enjoy, she makes that purrrrrring sound again - (She doesn’t know how that sound carries a man’s hormones upwards) I go to the cabinet and come back with a thing behind me.
  • She wonders what I have, she tries to peek, but I tell her to just relax and enjoy.
  • I have a feather that is soft at the blue end. Getting the feather and her pink cheek blushing is like an artist painting a masterpiece with a handle on it and a handle there. I touched the fur inside the arm where she was sensitive, up to the neck and against her lovely cheek and chin, to her forehead, down to the eyebrows, to her nose, and licked the lips of her chin and neck.
  • She was starting to squirm a bit, so I slowly moved the feather back inside her arm and then replaced the feather with my finger, making sure to hit the sensitive parts of her body sending a terrifying thought all over the muscle.
  • She began to breathe quite heavily and whispered in my ear; "Kiss me, tell me you will be mine tonight."
  • “Give me a fervent love so that my heart may know peace, draw passion from my lips, and love from my heart,” I replied.
  • When our lips meet, I am completely drunk on the most romantic love. After I heard her tender loving words, took her head in my hands, and our eyes met. Her beautiful eyes twinkled, like light reflecting off a precious diamond. Our lips meet with a slow intimate deep passionate kiss.
  • Tongues dancing like a ballet, graceful yet passionate, then pulling my lower lip into her delicate lips moving from side to side then my tongue breaking the seal that separated them more confined to a deep loving kiss, a kiss from my heart and soul.
  • Once again I heard this light roar sound, and she told me to do it again. I ask and she tells me that sound from the bottom as we kiss, which you do. I replied that I didn’t know I had made that sound, but how pleased I was with the evolving sound she was making, and what a great arousal it was. She said how it added to her too when a man did that. The animalistic passion of the two lovers allowed themselves to be a thought.
  • Her fingers began to move around my body pushing her hair into my chest, as she pulled her lower lip and took a deep breath, then exhaled as her fingers continued to move until they reached the top of my pants, she slowly rubbed them back and forth teasing me slipping a finger just below the pants line.
  • Then she removed her hands, touching my face and pulling me towards her for another weak kiss. I slowly visited a toe on her barefoot, just inside where the nerves were sensitive, and ran my finger up to her foot, up and over each toe then back under the foot hitting all the soft spots.
  • Then I did a light massage on her foot as she watched my every move, I winked then took her foot and gently ran my tongue along the arch, awakening her nerves again, then behind the toe and back, and the arch in front of her foot.
  • Teasingly, I begin to run my tongue and bottom lip from her leg to her thigh and back down to the knee inside where more tenderness of lust awaits. Then I start doing little kisses back to toe then leg up to her waist.
  • She was starting to breathe heavily now, and moved her hands from the pillows on the sofa to the hair of my head, nuzzling her fingers, as I pressed a new area of ​​arousal into her body. I could feel the pressure from her hands on my head, now she moved her fingers behind me and her nails were starting to draw on my skin as sensual desire overtook her and pushed her almost to the brink of pure that hot and seductive lust.
  • I suddenly stopped ... then I went back to the bulges of her ears slightly sucking them and again pulling my lips to her neck hitting every vein that ignited her passion. Moving the jaw to the chin and tasted the softness of her skin, starting to lightly rub the nose and then moving back to the lips running my tongue into the passionate kiss.
  • We start to laugh and play a game of tongue extraction, by sucking on each other, then repeat the dance of tongues. We spend a lot of time playing and teasing, playing our little passion games with each other. Does everyone wonder what happens next?
  • I go and get an ice cube, and run it with her leg licking the water as it melts, like a child trying to get all the ice cream while it melts.
  • Moving back to her face and gently touched my nose to hers, giving a softer kiss to her soft cheeks, neck, and ears.
  • XXX