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Chapter 6 Got Hit By A Car!

  • Eve looked down at her body, there was nothing missing either. So she wasn't hurt? She's still alive? But just now, wasn't there a car passing by? And Then, what happened?
  • Eve turned her head towards a fairly luxurious car, looking at it sadly. She was afraid, afraid that the car would be damaged due to her lack of caution earlier.
  • "What if this car is damaged or scuffed, due to being hit by me, maybe? Then I'll have to pay for the car's repairs? What about this? I don't have the money to pay for it! What if the owner gets angry and complains to the police, and I'm arrested and imprisoned, what will happen to Adeline? My God, what kind of ordeal is this? Why does bad luck always accompany my steps? Help me, O God!" Eve whispered worriedly in her heart as she bent down to look at the car, to find the damage.
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