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Chapter 59 That’s What Xi Qingchuan Said

  • My mother-in-law cast her eyes downward. She helped me smoothen out the rumples in my pajamas. She didn’t look displeased at all.
  • “Some journalists are just outright vulgar, spewing rubbish about children with unknown parentage.” Xi Qingchuan’s mother was the real deal. An authentic, blue-blooded lady. She didn’t mention anything about bastards. There was slight fury in her voice. “We all have parents who gave birth to us and brought us up painstakingly. There’s no need to print such ugly words. How unprofessional.”
  • I hadn’t read the news today yet. I had no idea what they had printed.
  • “Don’t worry about the lawsuit. Qingchuan will help you. He has a team of very capable lawyers working for him.”
  • “My dad’s lawyer recommended me something,” I said. “But I don’t really care if I win the lawsuit.”
  • It didn’t matter what Xi Qingchuan said about me. These were my true thoughts.
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