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Chapter 220 I’m Not Forcing You Into a Decision, Xiao Sheng

  • “Why don’t you walk me out? We can talk as we walk,” Xiao Shi held onto the railing as she said. “Let’s not do it at the staircase. It’s too dangerous.”
  • I followed Xiao Shi down the stairs slowly. We headed for the door.
  • Xiao Shi stopped when we entered the garden outside the mansion. She turned and gave me a long look.
  • “Xiao Sheng, I know what you’re going to say. I want to let you know that you don’t have to feel burdened by this. I wasn’t trying to force you into doing anything. I only wanted someone to share my troubles with. Qingchuan and you are legally wedded husband and wife. I don’t want you to be forced into divorcing Qingchuan because of what I told you. Follow your heart. If you truly love Qingchuan, I will give the both of you my blessings.”
  • “What blessings? Xi Qingchuan doesn’t love me,” I stammered.
  • “I know,” she smiled gently. “Xi Qingchuan’s quite a stubborn man. He’s not one who changes easily.”
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