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Chapter 134 Don’t Sign This If You Think This Is a Trap

  • “Xiao Sheng, this property wasn’t mentioned in your father’s will. That means that I’m the rightful owner of this estate.”
  • My heart was racing. My stepmother was right. Since my father hadn’t set aside any special arrangements for the house in his will, its ownership would naturally fall to my stepmother and my stepsisters, Xiao Lingling and Xiao Shi. This was because I wasn’t biologically related to my father. I had no share to the inheritance.
  • I started to panic.
  • “Aunt,” I stammered. “The house isn’t worth much and the land it’s built on isn’t prime estate. Besides, it’s been unoccupied for so long, it’s probably quite rundown. You won’t like the place.”
  • “Xiao Sheng, are you trying to get my mother to give the house to you? It’s still property. The house might not be worth much, but the land it’s standing on is worth quite a bit of money. The area’s up for redevelopment. Didn’t you know that?” Xiao Lingling said sarcastically.
  • “I didn’t,” I said. My thoughts were a jumbled mess. I stared at my stepmother with a lost look. “Aunt, I…how about this? Dad left me some money. I’ll buy the house from you. I’ll pay you what it’s worth in the market. Is that okay?”
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