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Chapter 124 I’m Now Xi Qingchuan’s Secretary

  • Qiao Yi sent me to the entrance.
  • “Why don’t I go in with you?” She asked. “You can leave after you’re done handing those clothes to Xi Qingchuan. I’ll wait here for you. We can go have some skewers.”
  • I was about to agree to that idea when I received a message from Bai Yu.
  • “Miss Xiao, Mr. Xi generally doesn’t bring anyone else with him to such large-scale dinner parties except me. If you have nothing on, please keep him company.”
  • I held the screen of my mobile phone up to Qiao Yi and said, “I can’t go for skewers with you.”
  • “Xi Qingchuan is such an annoyance. Why does he need someone’s company at a dinner party? Is he afraid that he’ll get lost and won’t be able to get home?”
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