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Chapter 7 Let's Escape

  • Guido's face remained impassive as his grandson watched him, trying to decipher his reaction.
  • "I need you to sit down, son. With your father's death, several investors pulled out, and the company suffered significant losses. Ava's father agreed to partner with us, injecting a substantial amount into the company. Teodoro was quite young, but being his cousin, Franco had given him the vice presidency of his company. Everything was going well; there were high profits. Our company recovered immediately. However, after a short while, substantial amounts started going missing from both companies. Franco ordered an investigation. Shortly after, he stormed into my office, accusing me of embezzlement and money laundering. The investigation results implicated our company."
  • "But I don't understand, how could Teodoro manage these diversions from our company?" Mateo thought carefully, but he had no idea how it could have been done.
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