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Chapter 7

  • My eyes run over her. The sight of her young, supple body in nothing but about 1.5 million dollars worth of diamonds and rubies is the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen. They certainly look better on her than they ever could on Mildred’s old wrinkly ass.
  • “Yes, with you,” I tell her, stepping closer. “It’s not like beautiful, eager virgins bust in on me while I’m on a job all the time. I’m smart enough to not let this miracle just slide through my fingers.” I cup her tits, pressing them together to squish the sparkly diamonds between them. “I want all of you, Sophia. If you don’t want that, then you need to grab your dress and leave now. If you stay, then I’m making you mine.” “I want to stay,” she says in a breathy rush.
  • “Are you sure about that?” I squeeze her nipples between my fingers, pinching them hard enough to make her gasp. “I can’t promise I’ll be a gentle, little virgin.”
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