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Chapter 3

  • Chloe’s POV
  • I handed the key over to him and picked up my bag. "Sir, since I am done, I would like to receive my paycheck," I told him boldly, I was not going to be afraid of him anymore, as I have the right to be paid after working.
  • "I haven't inspected your work yet." He smirked at me and walked around the restaurant touching the corners of the table to make sure there was no dust or spot.
  • I had been careful to wipe off all those since I knew he would always want to find faults, so I left none.
  • He glanced at me with a grin over and over again before returning to where I stood. "You're very delighted with your work too."
  • "Since you have inspected these, can I get my paycheck now?" All I wanted to do was leave this place now, I hated being stuck with only him in here and I felt uncomfortable with the looks on his eyes.
  • "Chloe, go out on a date with me." His eyes scanned me all over and I screamed a big no in my head, why doesn't this man just let me be?
  • "Sir..."
  • My supervisor walked closer to me and I stepped backwards to keep a distance between us.
  • "Chloe, I know you need money for your university tuition, I will give you as much as you want, just a date with me and nothing else..."
  • Before I could say a word he had wrapped his hands around my waist and pinned me to the wall, I struggled to shake him off but he was too strong for me.
  • "I don't want to." My voice came out hoarse, unknown to me I was trembling, so scared of what would happen to me now, no one was here and this man was not ready to let me be.
  • "What else do I have to do to make you go out with me!" He barked and a shiver ran down my spine. "If you don't, I will have to punish you." His eyes were deadly as they stared into my eyes.
  • I was expecting him to tell me to clean again but it was different this time since he started coming close to my face and I could feel his rogue breath.
  • "Stop..." I begged, feeling warm tears rolling down my cheek.
  • "I just can't Chloe, you are too beautiful and a date was what I asked for, but since you won't go with me, I have to punish you this way, perhaps you will see a reason to go with me after this..." He whispered in my ears and his warm breath made my legs tremble.
  • I shut my eyes and pressed my lips together. I couldn't shake him off. He was more powerful than I am. I was mentally praying for someone to come in. If they do then I would flee without my paycheck. I don't need it anymore if my dignity would be ruined.
  • "Ouch!" I heard my supervisor's loud cry and opened my eyes immediately to see two tall men in black jerking him off me.
  • Where did they come from? I blinked as I watched one who looked like a bodyguard twist my supervisor's hands and push him away, not after punching him in the face.
  • "Who are you?!" My supervisor barked as he touched the corner of his lips that were now bleeding.
  • "Stay away from her." The other one who was only wearing a suit, pants, white shirt, and expensive shoes spoke gently before turning eyes to me.
  • "I asked who the fu*k you think you are?" My supervisor asked again but the man ignored him while the other one who had twisted his hands stood ready to fight if the supervisor tried anything.
  • "You should come with us, Miss." The man said gently to me with a smile on his lips.
  • I had no idea who they were or where they came from. I glanced over at my supervisor, but if they hadn't come then I couldn't tell what would have happened to me.
  • I had no choice but to follow the people who had rescued me, it was better than staying here with my supervisor who was ready to punish me in a way I couldn't imagine.
  • I turned my eyes back to the man who had spoken to me and nodded, unable to talk from all the shaking, he flashed me a gentle smile and made way for me.
  • "Then let's go." He said, softly pointing towards the exit.
  • I picked up my phone and turned to go when I heard my supervisor's voice. "Chloe, if you leave now then don't ever think of getting your paycheck!" He barked.
  • I knew he was never going to give me that. He will keep asking me out and punish me if I refuse. I will just have to forget about the money. I could work another part-time job and get more money for my tuition fee if that is it.
  • I left the restaurant without looking back, the two men behind my back as they led me toward a luxurious car, my eyes dilated when I saw it, this I could tell was not owned by just anyone.
  • "Please get into the car, our boss would like to see you." I heard the man who had been speaking to me say gently with the car door open.
  • I glanced sideways first before stepping into the car, whoever had sent these people to save me from my supervisor, I will have to thank them in person, whereas they didn't look like they would harm me.
  • The man got into the driver's seat and the other one who I figured out was the bodyguard sat in the passenger's seat.
  • I leaned back in the chair, my eyes wide open as they started the engine and drove off.
  • Who was this boss they talked about, and why would he want to see me, do I know him?
  • There was only one way to find out and that was to go with them although I didn't know where they were taking me to, I had to brace myself and wait for what would come next.