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Awkward Romance

Awkward Romance


Last update: 2022-12-12

Chapter 1 Sick

  • "Arya, I'm sick."
  • "Congratulations, Dr. Jack."
  • "Come over and cook for me."
  • "Goodbye, Dr. Jack."
  • Arya hung up the phone quickly and was pleased with her calmness and confidence.
  • This damn Tennessee whiskey-named man must not allow thinking that she will come when he beckons and leave when he waves her away.
  • Arya put her phone into her bag.
  • In her heart, she wished she could also throw the subtle feelings and relationship between her and Dr. Jack Daniel far, far away.
  • The phone started to ring again and the
  • caller ID showed Jack Daniel's name. Arya held the phone and looked at it again.
  • She hesitated but on the second ring, she could not help but picked up the call.
  • "Arya Du Vin! come over immediately and cook for me otherwise, you will have to collect my corpse. Of course, you will have a second choice. That is, if unfortunately, I recover from my illness, you just wait for me to collect your corpse."
  • Damn!
  • With such a strong boisterous voice, it does not seem like he is going to die!
  • This scourge who can live through a millennium will definitely be able to live long enough to collect her corpse.
  • Arya was actually a little scared.
  • As to what she was scared of, she herself also was not clear.
  • Although he would not be able to change her into a corpse and also would not use violence on her but every time when he threatened her, she would still feel a little scared.
  • Arya sighed.......she is really the one who is sick!
  • Of course, that guy Jack Daniel is not normal either!
  • En.......that must be it!
  • She is afraid of him because he is neurotic.
  • Arya, carrying her groceries, frowned and pressed the doorbell of Jack's house.
  • After waiting for a long, long time, so long that she thought she really had to collect Jack's corpse this time, the door opened.
  • Jack came to answer the door without wearing a shirt and wore only a pair of boxer briefs.
  • Arya could not stop herself from looking at his seemingly strong muscled body.
  • His face was flushed, looking pale and haggard, he was indeed really sick.
  • "How come you have such a high fever?" Arya strode into the house and stretched out her hand to lay it on his forehead.
  • Zack took the opportunity to lean over and hugged her waist, pressing his body weight on her while he breathlessly said. "You thought I was lying to you?"
  • "Just now, while on the phone, you were obviously alright."
  • "I used all my strength to speak on the phone. You'd better thank the Lord."
  • This rascal is really not worthy of sympathy.
  • Arya pushed him off and put down the groceries on the table.
  • Then she pulled him with force towards the bedroom.
  • "You have such a high fever and you are not even dressed properly."
  • "Why should I dress properly to sleep? If it was not because I had to open the door for you, I won't even wear my briefs."
  • Is he insinuating something indecent?
  • Absolutely!
  • Arya blushed and pushed him roughly onto the bed and covered him with the quilt.
  • Why doesn't he suffocate under the quilt and die?
  • "You're having exhilarating thoughts all because of me, is that right?" Jack still had the strength to tease.
  • "But I still have to say all these unpleasant things upfront. Don't harbor any thoughts toward me. Although today I may have a sexy languid appearance which leads people into wishful thinking, my physical strength and spirits are really not in tiptop condition."
  • Arya nearly could not breathe.
  • She quickly withdrew her hands and took two steps backward.
  • She really wanted to throw a pillow over this wretched man's head and smolder him.
  • "You don't have to feel disappointed." Jack waved his hand.
  • "Quick, go and cook. I'll take my medicine and after a good sleep and a good meal, maybe I'll be able to use it.'
  • Able to use it?
  • Arya turned around and hurriedly rushed to the kitchen.
  • She knew.........she knew it was a mistake to come here.
  • Then why is she still washing rice and cooking porridge for him?
  • By right, he should be left to die.
  • Even if he doesn't die from sickness, he would at least die of starvation and if he doesn't die of starvation, he would have at least died from anger.
  • The result?
  • Now the reality is that she is being choked to death!
  • This is an ill-fated relationship!
  • Arya picked up a stalk of green onion and diced it up madly on the chopping board.
  • How did she get involved with this wicked man?
  • She had understood and realized the situation and had stayed far away from him.
  • Every time when she had made a firm decision about staying away, why did she always turn around in circles and end up getting entangled with him in confusion?
  • And it is getting very confusing!