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Arranged To Marry The Enemy

Arranged To Marry The Enemy

Zainab Ajike

Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer..
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  • Roman's point of view:
  • I sat on the chair of my office smoking my cigarettes, the Alexei family is a hell to me and they give me problems, I just want to kill them all.
  • I can't believe they made my ship that contains the drug of two billion ruble sunk in the water just like that.
  • I have just lost two billion rubles which is twenty eight million dollars.
  • To hell with the Alexei!
  • I put my cigarette bud inside the sturdy ashtray as I picked up my glass of wine. Losing that huge amount will affect our sales deeply and this can chase away our customers.
  • "Hey buddy" Denis banged inside my office, he sat behind my office desk as he stole a cigarette from me and light it. I closed my eyes to relax my soul or else I might kill a whole family.
  • "Have you heard, dude?" He asked, I turned my chair and backed him, clearly showing him that I am uninterested in the topic that I don't even know about.
  • "What's wrong?" He asked. The ell of his cigarette filled the whole room.
  • "My ship sank and we lost about three billion ruble" I informed him.
  • "I heard from your younger brother, I guess it is not only your family that is grieving right now" he said as he coughed a little.
  • "Take it easy on the cigarette" I told him as I faced him.
  • "What do you mean by it is not only my family that is grieving right now?" I asked him.
  • "The Alexei lost about four billion dollars to a rival, Aton is really grieving, I have that he has been drinking non stop" he said as he smirked.
  • I smirked as well, forgetting my loss for a moment. I am happy that my enemy is down as well. We are down together.
  • "Does that mean they are not the one behind my loss, they didn't cause the ship to sink?" I asked him.
  • "No not at all, you guys lost at the same time" he said.
  • "I know for a fact that it didn't sink on its own, someone must have caused it" I said as I lit my cigarette.
  • "Have you heard of the Milan family?" He scoffed at the name.
  • "I guess so, they have been a little threat to us lately. But I didn't have the really mind them since they are small mafia" I said
  • "They are not, they are the most powerful mafia in America, their boss got caught there, so the son escaped to Russia and continued their family business with the help of his grandpa. And he has the intention of being the most powerful mafia in Russia, as we speak, he has more men than the two families and he has been collecting investors and customers from the two families. If he defeats any of the two families, just know the other family is also down. So we have to be guided"
  • "They can do anything they want but they should not play around my den, or else there will be bloodshed. I will get back at them for making me lose such an amount of money. At least three of their important men must be gone when I finish with them and they will know the feeling of losing something."I said with a lot of determination.
  • "Wanna go clubbing tonight? I need a chick tonight" Denis asked.
  • "No, I am not, one of my whores is coming over tonight." I told him.
  • "Nah, get me a babe then. I need to fuck a wh*re" he said.
  • "Do I look like a social agent? Get the fuck out of my office, you are distracting me" I told him as I put on my computer.
  • "You just know I am distracting you since, right. Good play, mudak" he said as he stood up.
  • "I will soon fuck one of your 'suka, and you will be surprised"
  • "I won't hesitate to kill you with my bullet. I will shoot you straight in the head. Headshot" I don't play with my whores, they are mine and only mine. I don't like sharing and everyone knows that, why go against the rules when the consequences won't benefit you?
  • "You can't kill me. If you kill everyone in your life,you can't kill me Roman, I am your friend and second in command" he smirked.
  • "I am still the date devil mafian and your boss, I can shoot you anytime I want, I promise you that" he always got me. He knows he is one of my favorites and he uses the chance to get on my nerves anytime he gets the chance. I hate him for that.
  • "Let me start going..." he was cut off by the opening of my office door.
  • "There is an attack outside sir, one if your rivals attacked us without our knowledge and most of our men are dead,you need to be guided" Timofey, my head body guard told me and went away.
  • I opened my drawer, and took out my Spain standard gun and my Uzi SMG. I passed the rifle to Denis. I stuffed my guns with bullets and went out of the office with Denis trailing behind me. We took my secret elevator, I pressed the second floor.
  • "I didn't expect this today"Denis said.
  • "Just shut up and kill the idiots" I told him.
  • We went inside the secret room and opened the window. We started aiming at the men.
  • "Let's be counting,the highest kill wins and the loser will take the winner to club, all bills in him."Denis said, he always said this anything we are on fight with our opponent and I always win.
  • I didn't talk instead I kept shouting. He knew that my silence means yes.
  • "Headshot, that's mad dude" he said as I shot a man on his head.
  • "I guess they already know the direction we are shooting from, and" before the could finish his statement, the glass shattered and broke into pieces on the floor. The bullet went straight to my arm. I moaned in pain and moved away from the area. They started shooting constantly at the room.
  • "We need to move Denis" I said to him. He is focused on his shooting.
  • "Fuck, I almost got that man" he looked at my arm and gasped
  • "Are you okay,dude? You are bleeding" he asked.
  • "Don't worry about me, let's just move" I told him
  • We moved away from the room into the elevator. Once in the elevator, I tore my shirt and tied it on my arm. Denis assisted me in doing it.
  • The elevator dinged and we went out. We started shooting as soon as we got off the elevator.
  • "Fuck you, dickheads" Denis said as he shot almost all the mean in his direction. I kept my pistol on my waist, I started firing my Uzi SMG at them.
  • They are nothing but goats.
  • I cleared the area.
  • "Well done, Roman. I met you exactly how they described you to be. I am Dylan Milan, the second in command of Milan family. We are glad you are one of our rivals, here is a small gift. Accept it from the bottom of your heart" he said as he placed the box on the floor before me.
  • "Do have a nice day, Roman Anton" he said.
  • "Do have a good bye" I said as I shot his two legs then his head.
  • "Fool, after losing almost three billion, you still came to destroy my office." I said with a lot of pain. The money is still disturbing my brain.
  • "I have of their trusted men with me, I only shot him on his two knees" Denis said as he came over to me.
  • "Take him to the basement" I told him.
  • "Okay, boss. I won this time. Bills on you this night" he said.
  • "Got to take care of my self first. I was shot." I said to him as I went out of my office to my penthouse.
  • Now I have another rival adding to the one on ground, this job is becoming tougher day by day. I have to put my soul in it to defeat them all.
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