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Chapter 41 40 His thoughts were of a killer— not a protector's

  • 40. His thoughts were of a killer— not a protector's. 
  • Night insects chirped, playing a melodious natural lullaby to the ears of the trio laying tiringly in the underground cave Alpha Alan made. The night brightened from a pallet of grey skies to dark inky black as the sheet of diamond like stars flickered out there in the open, above the thick mass of trees. 
  • The cave was in orbit in shape with the mouth of it guarded with a wooden plank drafted from cutting bamboos to perfection until they were held together with vines. It was under the ground, warm within whilst cold outside and could attract crawling animals like snakes and others due to its comforting temperature. Hence, the plank worked as both, a blockage to animals and a barrier for protection.
  • While Jeremy and Alan soundly snored, pressing their heads into their soft pillows made out of tender soft small leaves wrapped inside a big banana leaf folded into a cushion, Lisa stayed wide awake as she gawked at the black ceiling above her head. 
  • She was laid inside, right against the wall in the middle of the cave as the guys laid each side near the threshold, left and right, like her guards. Her protectors. 
  • She was preoccupied with the events that took place in the afternoon and until the night. Till yesterday she had a motive in life, she knew what she was supposed to do. Even though a part of her had said that going back home was impossible, she still believed she could go seek help from the Brave blood pack's alpha and give it a try and get back to home. 
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