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Chapter 10 Lin Jue Is Not Impecunious

  • “Alright, listen. our legal counsel has decided to settle this amicably with you if you can pay us two million within today. Wire the money over now, and it is settled. Or, we shall see you in court.” The pretty sales agent said to Wang Yuzhen after getting off a call.
  • Wang Yuzhen grimaced, “Umm… Look, I don’t have so much money on me now. Can you give me a few days? I-I promise I will settle this…”
  • The sales lady snorted, “The police should be here in just half an hour… Hmm, what do you think?”
  • Wang Yuzhen quickly took out a debit card from her purse and said, “Here, there’s nine hundred thousand on the card. I’ll go get someone to pay the balance now…”
  • Wang Yuzhen then took out her mobile phone and made several phone calls. However, none of her friends, whom she managed to contact, were willing to lend her any money.
  • Dejection swept over her. It was only then she realized that those women with whom she thought to be close to were not true friends, as all of them chose to estrange themselves from her when she needed help.
  • At her wits’ end, she finally called her daughter, “Hello, Peibai… I’ve got myself into some trouble… C-c-can you come over to The Wanda Plaza now?”
  • Wang Yuzhen dared not tell Shen Peibai the truth over the phone and she merely gave some ambiguous explanation on the situation and ended the conversation in a jiffy. Despite being ill, Shen Peibai hurried to meet her distressed mother. She took the cab there alone, and left Wang Sisi and Chen Xi at home.
  • Upon Shen Peibai’s arrival, the sales agent explained the whole situation to her. She was trembling considerably as the sales agent informed her of the details of the situation earlier. Tears came streaming down on her face as she listened.
  • Shen Peibai slapped herself hard thrice across the face.
  • “Mom, do you know how difficult it is for me to have saved up so much money?” Shen Peibai cried.
  • Wang Yuzhen was avoiding her daughter’s gaze. Even though Shen Peibai did not give her the slaps she thought she had deserved, she could feel Shen Peibai’s pain over what she had done today.
  • Shen Peibai took a deep breath to calm herself and then went up to the sales agent. She bowed deeply to the sales agent and said apologetically, “I’m so sorry for all this. Please, may I have the bank account number? I’ll wire the balance right away…”
  • But this time, the sales agent smiled and shook her head and politely as she said, “Ms. Shen, you only need to pay three hundred thousand on top of what your mother has already paid. You have handled this properly and our management is satisfied. I just got off a call with my management, and they said that Mr. Lin was our valued guest so we are not going to take this matter to court for his sake.”
  • “Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!” Shen Peibai exclaimed upon hearing the news.
  • But the next moment, as if something had dawned on her, Shen Peibai asked, “Did you mean Lin Jue when you said Mr. Lin?”
  • The sales lady smiled and nodded, “Umm, yes. It is Lin Jue.”
  • Shen Peibai’s heart jerked at the affirmation. Then, she recalled that just two days ago Lin Jue had flung a debit card at her mother’s face, which he claimed to be worth two hundred thousand…
  • It was only then that she finally realized that it wasn’t for money that Lin Jue had married into her family and treated her so well and wholeheartedly despite all the humiliations, but it was because he had loved her…
  • ……
  • In the afternoon, Wang Sisi and Chen Xi were sitting in the conference room in Shen Peibai’s company and both staring blankly at the documents they were holding in their hands respectively.
  • Wang Sisi heaved a deep sigh and said, “One year ago, Peibai’s dad had a cancer, and before he passed he had accepted Lin Jue into the Shen’s as a matrilocal son-in-law.”
  • Chen Xi nodded in response and said, “I saw the video clip online just now. A man bought all of the shoes in the D-brand fashion store just because his girlfriend had difficulty choosing and that man was Lin Jue! Hmm, no wonder he didn’t need to work… I guess he had been staying home all year to take care of Peibai because she had just lost her father. He did that because he was worried for her, not because he was useless! And such a great son-in-law was driven out like that by Wang Yuzhen… Tough luck for Peibai to have a mother like that!”
  • Having heard Chen Xi’s comment, Wang Sisi, who was about the same age as Shen Peibai, felt a chill running down the spine. She had also been mean to Lin Jue. She recalled that when she had criticized him, Lin Jue had merely retuned with a nonchalant smile. Just how much this man had suffered in silence over the course of one year?
  • “Chen Xi, so you are certain that it was Lin Jue who had helped us?” said Wang Sisi, having recovered from her trance.
  • “Mm hmm, one hundred per cent. My instincts as a long-time sales person tell me so. Just think about it. The problem we are faced with now started on the very same day Peibai and Lin Jue filed for divorce. Obviously, we know how rich Lin Jue actually is right now. And that connection of his Jiuzhou Group must be some senior executive at least. Probably, the connection he referred to is Jiang Chenru as he is quite young after all…” Chen Xi analyzed with flashes of wisdom in his eyes.
  • Wang Sisi heaved a deep sigh, “Urgh! Then… What are the chances of Peibai and Lin Jue getting back together?”
  • “Getting back together? Haha! Don’t you know how horribly Wang Yuzhen has treated him in the past year? You tell me. What are the chances?” Chen Xi said tartly.
  • Wang Sisi bit her lips and tried again, “Or why don’t we just go and apologize to him? He looks like a kind-hearted man to me.”
  • Chen Xi shook her head and rebutted, “Just the two of us? Who are we to him? What stands in the way between him and us is all the horrible mistreatments he has received from Wang Yuzhen for the entire year. This woman is indeed a bane to all that we have built together with Peibai…”
  • She paused for a bit before continuing, “But, the key to solving the problem is not Wang Yuzhen. It is actually up to him to bury the hatchet. Just the fact that he was willing to give up so much for Peibai, even to the extent of becoming her matrilocal husband, is a telltale sign that he truly loved Peibai. Then, if she reciprocates his love for her somewhat, then perhaps there is still hope for us. Chen Xi, just go and talk to Peibai and find out if she has any feeling for Lin Jue. We can only count on this now for what it’s worth…”
  • “Alright, I guess that’s the only thing we can do for now.” Wang Sisi heaved a deep sigh.